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How can I have the courage to have confrontations in my life?

I don’t like confrontations and I try to avoid them as much as possible.
asked Mar 13, 2017
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This is a fantastic question! Your life is ever evolving, and new situations are arising all the time. Having the ability to confront and ultimately own up to what you created is the basis of a strong, trusting and dependable relationship with yourself. Let us step back here for a moment and understand what is going on. The feelings that you are expressing in this question are how your internal guidance system is feeling with you in your relationship with it. Your thoughts, feelings, and instincts are afraid to confront you and are afraid of how you will respond to them. You can ask yourself at this point: Is this the type of relationship that you would like to be building with yourself and have this reflected in the world around you?

If you would like to create a healthy relationship with yourself, here are quick steps to get you started RIGHT now:  Ask yourself what are the feelings that you associate with confronting people? It might be helpful to write this all down as it will assist you in your relationship building with your internal guidance system. The next step is to take all those feelings and turn them towards yourself and recognize that these are the feelings your internal guidance system feels with you currently in your relationship with it. Next step is to apologize for your behavior; just as you would expect to have an apology from another person, give yourself that same apology. The final step is to focus on the feelings you would like to make your internal guidance system feel going forward in your relationship with it.

If you would like guidance in creating a relationship with yourself that involves healthy confrontations, I would be glad to set up a free session with you to give you clarity, confidence, and a clear direction. Let's get you on the path of creating a relationship with yourself that is filled with clear communication, full responsibility for behavior and healthy boundaries.
Mar 13, 2017
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