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I keep finding myself procrastinating. How can I stop procrastinating and actually get things done?

asked Mar 16, 2017
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If you’re procrastinating, this is an obvious indication that you are not 100% on board with whatever you are avoiding doing.  

This happens when you are telling yourself that you have to, need to, or should do things.  If there’s forcefulness like this involved, this means that you are focusing on things that you don’t want and then trying to get control in order to avoid those undesirable things.  But the result is that you simply end up avoiding and escaping from actually doing what you are telling yourself to do.

The solution is to step into what you would like to feel afterward—to focus on what you actually want.  Fast forward in time.  Let’s say you already did what you’re telling yourself to do and you already feel really good about the results.  What would you be feeling then?  Perhaps you’d be feeling accomplished, like you’re moving forward, like things are getting done, etc.  Whatever you’d like to be feeling afterward, imagine this and really feel it.

Is it possible for you to imagine actually feeling what you want to feel after doing what you’ve been telling yourself to do?  If yes, you’re on the right track and now you’ll actually be more motivated to do what you want to do without internal resistance that would lead to avoidance and procrastination.  If no, you may want to reassess whether doing what you’ve been telling yourself to do is actually what you want to be doing, because it might not be.  And if it’s not what you actually want to do—if it won’t lead to you feeling what you want to feel, you may want to come up with another plan of action where you can actually imagine feeling what you want to feel afterward.

So remember, procrastination means you’ve been focusing on what you don’t want and then forcing yourself to do things to avoid experiencing what you don’t want.  The secret to eliminating procrastination is not to be more disciplined and on top of yourself, for this increased forcefulness will actually increase your desire to escape and therefore will increase the tendency to procrastinate.  The secret to eliminating procrastination is actually to imagine the emotional outcomes you truly want, step into those feelings, and then act on what feels right from that place.  

This way, whatever you are doing, you will be doing it totally with yourself—no force, and therefore no resistance calling for further force, necessary.  You’ll be motivated toward what you want, rather than going forward in avoidance of what you don’t want, and so every part of you will be going in the same direction.  And this is a much easier and more effortless way to go.

If you’d like help getting fully on board with some plan of action in a way that you’re actually motivated to do what you want to do, contact me for a free session now and we’ll eliminate your procrastination and get you accomplishing everything you really want to accomplish.
Mar 16, 2017
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