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How do I get rid of negative feelings, doubts and fears?

asked Jan 10, 2017
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How do you get rid of negative thoughts and feelings, doubts and fears?  When it seems like they’re getting in the way or taking over, and you’ve tried to be positive, and you’ve tried to distract yourself from them, and nothing is working, what do you do?

You respond to them.  

Your thoughts, feelings, and desires are never speaking about anyone or anything in the world outside you.  They are your own internal guidance—your GPS—telling you that you have made it think, feel, and want certain things based on whether you’ve been listening to it or not.  

The world outside you is just a reflection of the world inside you, where people and circumstances support you in thinking, feeling, and wanting what you have already made yourself think, feel, and want.  The world outside you doesn’t create your experience; it simply supports the experience you have created inside you with what you’ve chosen to focus your attention and energy on and how you’ve consequently treated yourself.

So, when you’re going the wrong direction with your focus of attention in your thoughts and actions, and your GPS expresses its feelings that you aren’t understanding its directions, or that it isn’t successful in trying to get your attention, or that it’s alone and lonely because you aren’t paying attention to it, or whatever else, the only way to resolve this is to listen and respond.  

If you try to talk over or distract yourself from your internal GPS’s expressions to you of negativity, doubt, and fear, it only makes it more negative, more doubtful, more afraid because you still aren’t listening to and following its directions toward the destinations you’ve plugged into it with the focus of your attention.  If you ignore, dismiss, or tune out your negative thoughts and feelings, doubts and fears, you will only get more of them—you will face more circumstances in your life that give you reason to be thinking and feeling these negative things, to be doubtful, and to be afraid.  If you listen and respond—with an apology for making your internal guidance think and feel these things, and with a redirection of how you’d like to make it feel instead going forward—you will immediately feel better and you will face circumstances in your life that give you reason to be thinking and feeling more positively, to be confident.

So take some time to be present to yourself and let yourself hear the thoughts, feelings, and wants as they speak up within you—seemingly about other people and the world around you.  And acknowledge that they are actually about you—that all of that is a mirror of you.  Take responsibility for treating yourself as you have, even when you were unaware that you were doing so, and respond with apologies and redirection where appropriate, and with gratitude and appreciation where appropriate.  Then other thoughts and feelings will come up, and you can respond to these to continue the conversation you’re having with your internal guidance until you are feeling good—which means your internal guidance is feeling good, which means you have actually listened to it and understood what it is saying and your actions are in accordance with this.

In Summary:

Your negative thoughts and feelings, doubts and fears are your internal guidance telling you that you are going a direction with the focus of your attention and energy that is not on the way to where you have previously said with your focus of attention and energy that you would like to go.  So don’t ignore, dismiss, or tune them out or you’ll keep going the wrong direction and they will only increase in intensity and frequency until you can’t possibly ignore them anymore.  Instead, listen to them and respond so that you can get back on track with your focus of attention and energy toward where you actually want to go.  And they will transform into positive thoughts and feelings.

If you would like help with understanding this better and applying this in your own situation, contact me for a Free Life-Transformation Jumpstarter Session in which we’ll eliminate your negative thoughts and feelings, doubts and fears by listening to and acknowledging what they’re really saying to you, and responding to them, getting you on track with all of your actions toward the experiences you actually want to have in your life.  You will leave the session feeling so much better than you came in because you will have actually gotten the messages!  And you’ll have clear next steps to take to make it so that your life supports you in continuing to feel better, more positive, and more confident!

Ready to feel so much better and more confident, to eliminate all of your negative thoughts and feelings, doubts and fears, and to get on track toward all the positive experiences you truly want in your life?  Then contact me now and let’s get started!
Jan 10, 2017
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Hi. That is not possible to do
Jul 27, 2017
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