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How does one practice forgiveness and compassion?

Step Six in Basic Dream Building today....

How can you generate compassion this day?
asked Mar 25, 2017
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One cannot allow more positive energy in their life if they're holding on to resentment and anger.
Just as you cleanse your body on a daily basis, you must cleanse your mind through forgiveness on a daily basis.
Forgiveness is the practice of cleaning yourself emotionally, mentally, and spiritually; it’s never for the other person, it’s always for yourself.
In order to allow more positive energy in your life, you must do some forgiveness work; you can’t have a great life and hold on to resentment.
Letting go of any resentment and anger will free you up to receive more good in your life.
The practice and the process of staying clean, emotionally, mentally, psychologically, spiritually in terms of spiritual practices is called "forgiveness" and absolutely in terms of  Dream Building we have to do some forgiveness work, so that we have the ability to allow more positive energy in our lives.
We can't have a great life and hold on to that resentment!
We can't have the free flow of life energy and have blocks and leaks in our field of energy.
Forgiveness work is never for the other's always for ourselves.
What if you could just move from judgement to compassion?  What would that do for you?
Learn to generate compassion no matter what?
Even in the absence of circumstance we would want, or having things turn out the way we would have preferred.
How does one generate compassion in the absence of knowing the whole story?
Because the compassion we're generating is what we live from and what we live with.
Part of Dream Building! -:)
Forgiveness is a shift in perception in you!

Have a great day!
Mar 25, 2017
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Posted on March 28, 2017    | Edit
Riches Of Another Kind…

First Richness To Ask Forgiveness From The Heart And Let Go Of Pain And Anger

Second To Be Humble And Let Others Help

Third To Love Even Though There Is No Love Back

Fourth To Hold Back Any Feelings Of Rage

Fifth To Trust And Have Faith

Sixth To Have Patience That All Will Come To Be Good In The End

Seventh To Accept The Downfalls In Life, Even Illness

Eighth To Understand There Is A Reason For Everything

Ninth That We All Have Our Cross To Bear

Tenth That God Knows What Is Best For Us

May Love Conquer Our Hearts and May We Be Able To Share With Others The Inner Depth Of The Love That Has Come To Light.
Learn To Master Your Emotions
Allow Room for Love, Compassion and Understanding.

This All Allows Room for Forgiveness!

Enlighten Yourself!

You will be glad you did!

Andrea Louca with Love… ❤
God Bless
Your Destiny Awaits You!
Mar 28, 2017
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