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How can I find more good friends?

asked Mar 29, 2017
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If you want to find more good friends, you want to be a good friend to yourself in more ways and in more areas of your life.  This will then be reflected in your finding more people who can be good friends for you.

Let’s get you clear about what you truly want here and what you can do to get this:

What does it make you feel that you don’t have as many good friends as you’d like?  Perhaps it makes you feel disconnected, alone, like you want more, etc.

What do you imagine you would feel if you had more good friends?  Perhaps you would feel connected, happy, like you have people to share experiences with, like you have people who understand you, etc.

Let’s say it’s six months from now and you’re feeling all of these positive feelings.  What would your life be like then?  What would your career be like?  What would your romantic relationship situation be like?  What would your health and body be like?  What would your family situation be like?  What would your living situation be like?  What would your friendships be like?

What steps would it feel right to take now to make these your realities?  Whatever steps you imagine you would feel good after taking, go do these things.  And reward and encourage and support yourself every step of the way with gratitude for the steps you’ve taken to move forward.

By creating your life with yourself like this, sharing experiences with yourself, listening to yourself, connecting to yourself, supporting and encouraging yourself, believing in yourself, etc., you are being a good friend to yourself—the kind of friend you are probably seeking in other people.  The result is that you’ll end up doing things that make you happy, and being in places where you are happy, and will meet people on similar paths—the kinds of people you’d truly connect with, since you’ll be on a path that you are connected with, yourself.

If you’d like help being the kind of friend to yourself that you’d like to have in other people as well, contact me for a free session now and we’ll get you on a track you’re excited about and connected with in your life so you can meet people you can feel excited about and connected with!
Mar 29, 2017
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