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Why isn’t my relationship partner getting back to me?

asked Mar 29, 2017
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I’m sorry to hear that your relationship partner hasn’t been getting back to you.  The important thing to recognize here in order to get the results you want is that your relationship with your partner is just a mirror of your relationship with yourself.  Your relationship partner is just reflecting how you have been treating yourself up until now.

So perhaps you have just shifted in how you’ve been treating yourself in some other area of your life.  Maybe you just started getting back to yourself when it comes to your career or your family or your body and health or your living situation or your friendships.  Whenever you make a change in the right direction in some area of your life, you experience reflections in other areas of your life of how you have treated your own internal guidance up to now.  This way you can acknowledge this and redirect this and definitively and consistently make changes in the direction you want to be going from here.

In other words, your relationship partner isn’t getting back to you because you haven’t been getting back to yourself.  Now you can experience how you have made yourself feel when you weren’t getting back to yourself up to now.  And so you can apologize for this by telling yourself exactly what you’d like to hear from your partner now.  For example, you can say to yourself something like, “I’m sorry I took so long to get back to you.  I really do care about you.  I’m sorry I made you question your relationship with me.  I want you to feel like I’m all in this going forward.”

Next, you want to respond to whatever comes up, recognizing that this is your internal guidance speaking to you about how you have made it feel up to now; it is not about anyone or anything else.

And then you can actually do what you’re saying you’d like to do.  Do whatever you’ve been doing increasingly recently or what you’d like to be doing that would feel right that you haven’t done yet—whatever would be you getting back to yourself.

The result is that either your partner will start getting back to you, or you will begin to feel clearer that it’s time to move on.  This will depend on whether you’ve already been increasingly headed the right direction for you or whether you actually need to be making big changes to be doing so.  But do what feels right for you, and recognize that right now, your relationship situation is very likely not about your relationship at all.  It could be, but this would mean you have already addressed other areas of your life for a while now.

If you would like help getting clarity about what your relationship experience right now is telling you so you can take the appropriate steps to change it, contact me now and we’ll get you getting back to yourself and creating a relationship experience (and a life experience) for yourself that you truly want.
Mar 29, 2017
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