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How can I get my partner to commit to me?

asked Mar 29, 2017
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If you’d like your partner to commit to you, then you first want to recognize that your relationship with your partner is just a reflection of your relationship with yourself.  Your partner will treat you however you treat yourself.  

So if you want your partner to commit to you, you want to commit to yourself.

How have you not been committed to yourself up to now?  In what areas of your life might this apply?  In regard to your career and money?  Your body and health?  Your living situation?  Your friendships?  Your family?  Your relationship, itself?

Wherever you haven’t been committed to yourself, you want to commit to yourself.  In other words, wherever you haven’t been fully on board with doing what feels right for you, but instead have been avoiding this or doing something else or prioritizing someone or something else over what feels right for you, you want to get on board with doing what feels right for you.

So imagine what you would really like to be feeling in six months or a year or three years from now in this area, or in these areas, of your life.  Really step into these feelings and make them real for you.  And from this positive-feeling place, ask yourself what it would feel right to have done now.  And then do this.  

Always do what feels right for you—what it would feel good and right afterward to have done.  Commit to yourself in this way and you will experience this reflected by a partner outside you, too.

If you’d like help getting clear about how you haven’t been committing to yourself and what you could do to change this, contact me for a free session now and we’ll get you committing to yourself in a way that gets you commitment from your partner.
Mar 29, 2017
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