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I’m afraid my significant other will cheat on me. How can I know my partner will be faithful and trustworthy?

asked Mar 29, 2017
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The first step here is to recognize that your feelings about your significant other are the feelings of your own internal guidance about you.  In other words, if you are afraid your significant other will cheat on you, this means that your own internal GPS is afraid that you will cheat on it.

What does it mean to cheat on your own internal guidance?  It means to prioritize someone or something over it—to do something other than what feels right because you are putting someone or something other than yourself first.

If you have been doing this, you want to change this.  Be faithful and trustworthy to yourself as you would want your significant other to be.  Make yourself your highest priority in the sense that you always put what feels right for you first above everyone and everything else.  If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it—no matter what.  And if it does feel right, do it—no matter what.  If you focus on what you’d like to be experiencing and you listen to what feels right along the way, you will always get positive results.  You have no reason to doubt this, and your faith and trust in this will increase as you practice it.

Once you’re being faithful and trustworthy to your own internal guidance in other areas of your life, you can imagine what you’d like to be feeling in a romantic relationship in six months or a year or three years from now.  Step into these feelings and make them real for you.

Then, from this positive-feeling place, ask yourself how you would feel if you are with your current significant other at this future time.  If you can imagine feeling these positive things with your current significant other at this future time, you are in the right place to be learning about how you’ve been treating yourself and you want to keep addressing with yourself the experiences that come up.  If you can’t imagine feeling these positive things with your current significant other, you probably want to consider the possibility of not being with this person.  Because in this case, you will likely never feel what you want to be feeling with this person, while you could be feeling what you want to be feeling if you are not with this person.

If you’d like help getting clear about how you’ve been cheating on yourself and how you could be faithful to yourself, contact me for a free session now and we’ll get you being more committed and trustworthy to yourself in a way that gets you a relationship with a partner that reflects this.
Mar 29, 2017
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