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How do I benefit from a Life Coaching session and what do I need to do following each session?

Anyone undertaking Life Coaching must be prepared to put into action what they have learned from the Coach. A Life Coach only guides and offers support, but cannot make the changes for the individual. It is the clients’ responsibility to implement the changes needed to achieve their goals. A Life Coach motivates the client to take action and the client has to take the action for the outcome to be successful.
asked Nov 22, 2016
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Life coaching has many benefits. Having another person see us through pro-active eyes and relay this back to us can provide fresh ideas and insights that we can take forward  to create a better and richer life experience. Having someone to 'bounce off' who can highlight discrepancies in our thinking and hear our contradictions can really help us push through our comfort zone and personal limits. When we sit in our comfort zone our energy forms a crust or shell that needs more effort to break out of. The longer we stay there the thicker the crust.
Being pro-active and focused on your goals, learning skills to motivate yourself and make the most of who you can be in the moment is a great asset. Life coaching can help immensely with this. Through the impartial and nurturing other, who is not attached to your life as you are, you can gain clarity and a renewed sense of direction.  If you need deeper processing and help to understand your patterns, you may need more therapeutic help such as counseling. This can provide a more healing space and help you move into a more pro-active place, preparing you for life coaching, to eventually be able to follow through with action and manifest the changes required. Ultimately it is down to every individual to create the change they wish to see in themselves and their life. So if you are ready to discover your innate skills or hone your unique talents, these are already within your energetic template, call for an appointment and let's help you create the best possible you in this moment!
Jan 19, 2017
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You will benefit the most from a Life Coaching session if you are open and vulnerable during it. It is important to come to each session ready to give of yourself and share openly about how things are going. Come to the session free from distraction so that you can focus on the session and gain new insights and perspectives. The coach is there to guide and support you as you take action towards your goals.

After each session take time to process what was discussed, what you learned about yourself and go over the action steps you decided to focus on before the next session. The time between sessions is where the growth and progress takes place. This is the time were you implement what was discussed and take massive action towards your goals.
Jul 20, 2017
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Hi. You can benefit in various ways. Each session is not the same. As you grow and change the sessions change too. You just move along with them.
Jul 27, 2017
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