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How can I let go of the past when it has made me who I am?

asked Mar 30, 2017
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The past has made you who you are in many ways, yes.  But if you don’t let go of it, you will be purely a product of your past.  

The alternative is that you can grow beyond your past, not defining yourself based on where you came from, but defining yourself based on where you’re going.

So you can either be your struggles, your history, what has made you who you are up to now, or you can be your triumphs, your self-created story, what you aspire to be.

Ideally, we learn from our past and apply these lessons; ultimately, we use the past to clarify (often through contrast to it) what we want in the future.  The next step is to let go of the past to make room for the future we are creating for ourselves.  For at this point, the past becomes a review of lessons we’ve already learned and an anchor that holds us back from applying these lessons to create better experiences for ourselves.

So would you like to remain who you have been, forever struggling with this and learning the same lessons over and over again?  Or would you like to become who you would like to be, to let yourself shine through, and to experience the success and joy of achieving your goals effortlessly as you simply make room for them in your life and your conception of yourself and your reality?

The key is to make what you are headed toward into your reality—to make it more familiar and more real.  And you do this by fast forwarding in time in your mind and imagining that it’s already a year or three years or five years (or whenever) from now, and that you are already living your dream life.  What are you feeling about each aspect of your life at this future time in the ideal?

Step into these feelings every day—preferably in the morning before you even open your eyes—for at least a couple of minutes.  Imagine your ideal life, and that you are already living it at this future time, and focus primarily on what this feels like.  Then add in suggestions of things that might support you in experiencing these feelings.  What are you doing in your life at this future time?  Who is in your life at this future time?  What are you experiencing in your life at this future time?

Acknowledge and respond to aspects of the past that come up that aren’t aligned with this new reality, recognizing that everything you experience comes ultimately from you.

And make your future ideal reality into your present feeling experience, which gradually becomes more and more supported by your life as you are inspired and guided toward actions that make this the case.

Then the past will so obviously not fit that it will feel like it’s time to let go, and it will be far easier to do so.

If you’d like help creating a new conception of you based on where you’re going—rather than based on where you’re coming from—so that you can move forward, contact me for a free session now and we’ll get you living the lessons of the past and being able to let go of the experiences that led to these lessons.
Mar 30, 2017
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