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Why do I keep attracting the same guy?

asked Apr 1, 2017
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Alright, I know you've heard it all so I'm going to start with the cliche reasons then I'll give you my thoughts on why your keep attracting the same guy. Here goes:
* You attract who you are or your compliment. Along these same lines, you attract types that fit within your comfort zone--people who do what you do, with similar habits or hangups, and most likely won't challenge your status quo.  So, if you don't like what you are attracting either live with, deal with it or change somethings.
 Now you have to figure out what needs changing. If I were giving this advice, I'd ask you to begin to pay attention to your judgments of others--the things you complain about in others' behaviors. My guess is that you are guilty of these same things. Begin making a list of these behaviors that you see in yourself and make that change.

* You are attracting the same guy because life is holding a mirror up to challenge you to change some things. So, until you learn the lesson, it, rather the same guy, is going to keep showing up. Maybe it's not the guy that is the problem; just might be you.

*You are attracting the same guy because you are afraid of or not ready for the other one--the one that you most likely need.
Of course, it's easy to keep attracting Mr. Wrong, because you are concerned that with Mr. Right, you'd have to face some things, possibly change some things; and fear has a way of keeping us hanging out with a Mr. Wrongs rather than stepping into the greatness that comes with the Mr. Right. Now, you have a real choice to make.

I could go on and on with the possible responses, but then I'd never get to my offering for you. My thoughts are probably in line with the last bit of advice and that is that you are not consciously choosing these guys, you are simply going along with whoever shows up.

Make a conscious choice! What do you want?  Are you a good candidate for the guy you think you want? How do you know-- what do you have to offer? Say yes to the one that feels you, sees you and reflects the best part of you. My advice is that you open your eyes so that when the guy sees you, you'll be capable of seeing him back.
Apr 1, 2017
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