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I think I’m being bullied at work, but I’m not sure. How would I know?

asked Apr 2, 2017
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The workplace bully comes in many forms. The workplace bully does things sometimes unintentionally and without knowledge of it and other times with total purpose. Not sure which is worse the self-assured, in-your-face bully or the covert, stealth one. But either way, it hurts everyone in the workplace. Check out some to the “messed-up stuff” that bullies do:

1.    Undermining your suggestions
2.    Ignoring you altogether
3.    Having unrealistic expectation (give you last minute assignments)
4.    Not providing you with adequate resources for necessary productivity
5.    Not praising your good work
6.    Withholding information from you that is necessary to complete tasks
7.    Purposely keeping you from advancing (raises and positions)
8.    Passing out checks at the end of the workday on payday
9.    Passing out check in a condescending, ingratiating way
10.    Blaming you for things you did not do

And this is the short list.

The intentional bully does not empathize or sympathize with his or her prey. This power- hungry sadist is not interested in anything but controlling the victim. So any “high road” super worker deeds will be ignored and possibly punished. The alternatives to working harder will require more direct and courageous activities. So, if any of the above things or similar things are happening to you then your assumption is correct about your being bullied.
Apr 2, 2017
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