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Someone suggested that hypnosis could help me with my problem, but I’m afraid. How can I get over my fear hypnosis?

Explain hypnosis to me in simple terms.
asked Apr 3, 2017
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Lol, hypnosis can help you with your fear of hypnosis. But then you’re afraid of it. My guess then is that you are afraid because you don’t understand it. Now, I can’t guarantee you that you will not be afraid once I’m done, but you will have a better understanding of what it is.

First, you should know that you have been hypnotized many times already. Have you have had a day-dream, where you simply stare into space? Right, this is a trance, another word for hypnosis. Have you been a zone, while running, walking, writing, playing a sport? Yup, this is another example of a trance.

Question, “Did anything strange or scary happen to you while you day-dreamed or performed any of the other zoned-out, sporting activities?” Right, you were in total control in each instance. You “woke up” or “came out” when you were ready to do so. You were never out of control. This is how it works: You go into a hypnotic trance at my invitation, and you come out at your own will.

Why do you need me? Well, you really don’t. You can do what is called self-hypnosis, but I wouldn’t advise it until you knew more about trance work.

Summing it up:
1)    Hypnosis is voluntary—your free will in never violated.
2)    The trance is simply a heightened state of focus and awareness.
3)    You are in control and no one can “make” you do anything that you do not want to
do or that is against your personal code of ethics.
4)    Hypnosis has been effective with numerous phobias or fears.
5)    During hypnotic trance, you are awake not sleep in the literal sense.
6)    Trance work is by invitation—you accept it only if you choose.
7)    Hypnosis is a shared relationship, I don’t hypnotize you.
8)    Hypnosis works best with involuntary behaviors (e.g., anxieties), versus behaviors
that you do consciously and knowingly like addictions, e.g., smoking.

Your fears should be somewhat quieted, now. If you have more questions you may contact me, or if you’d prefer you may do your own research. However, if you trust that we can work together either with your fear of trance work :) or some other involuntary behavior, please reach out and let’s begin our work together.
Apr 3, 2017
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