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I can't make of my mind about which career to choose. Help!

asked Apr 3, 2017
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Question. "What excites you?" Take a minute and think of the things that you do that give you the most joy.
Make the list. It does not matter how long it is.

Now, on a scale of 1 to 10 rate each of them.
1= “I can’t see myself doing only this every day at this time in my life and
10= “I’m energized when I do this; the thought of doing this opens my eyes and gets me out of bed in the morning.”

Correct, now I want you to take the items with a score or 7 and above and put them on a separate list together. Put the items that you scored 1-4 on the same list and the items that you scored 5-6 on a separate sheet of paper. Revisit each list to make sure you have scored each item correctly based on how you feel right now this moment.

 Now, I want you to take those things that got the highest ratings and see which ones are you already doing in some way. If you are already doing the thing that gives you the most joy then you might only need to tweak it so that you can maximize or cultivate it as a career choice. For example, if you gave “working with the elderly” a 7, and you are already working with this group then you want to list what would make your current work more rewarding. Say, the organization that you are working for does not have a rigorous enough exercise program, reading group, or family involvement activities—things you wish they had—you may then offer to add what is missing. Or you might even open a facility of your own.

Do this same exercise with any item that scored above a 7. If you’d like you may create a one-page plan for each one. After all the plans are done, pick one to begin with. It just may be that you can do them all, just not all at once. So, begin with the one you are the most excited about now. Put the others away until number one is done. Then begin on the others. You may use this same process with the other 2 lists as well.  

It appears that your problem is that you are good at a lot of things and you have the time for most of them. If this is the case, and you really want to excel then get yourself a mastermind group of mentors and supporters to help you sort through your lists. And of course, you can always bring your homework to a session with me to get you organized. Individuals with multiple gifts usually have this kind of problem. What a blessing to be so gifted. Seems to me, however, that organization for optimization is what you need.
Apr 4, 2017
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Here are a some ways to help you pick the career that is best for you.

 Describe your dream life.

 What would you do?
 We would you be?
 Who would you be with?

Another thing to think about.
What are you doing right now?
What do you like about it?
What do you not like about it?

Other questions to answer for yourself:

What are you passionate about?

What could you do all day long and not be bored with?

What is your ideal job?

What would you want to do reguardless of the money?

What do you like?

What do you not like?

Who is your ideal boss?

If you would like more help with finding the career for you, then email me at
Apr 5, 2017
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