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How do I get the right man interested in me?

asked Jan 10, 2017
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How do you get the right man interested in you?  It can feel sometimes like you get interest from men but never from the right one.  How do you change this and actually get the interest of the men you actually want interested in you?

Fortunately, what you really want is actually possible and available to you.  You just need to know and apply some key ideas.

Here are 5 powerful tips to get the right man interested in you:

Tip #1:
Be interested in yourself.  Give yourself the kind of positive attention you want to get from the right man for you.  In other words, imagine what you really want to feel in every area of your life—career, money, family, living situation, friends and community, in addition to romantic relationship—and come up with ways to show yourself that you’re interested in listening to what you feel and pursuing what you really want.  And act on these.

Tip #2:
Be your dream partner to yourself and create the kind of relationship with yourself that you’d like to have with another person.  Treat yourself as you’d like to be treated.  Make yourself your highest priority.  Do things because they feel right and good for you and not for any other reason above this.  Be willing to go out of your way to be there for you more than you would be willing to do so for others.

Tip #3:
Be good company for yourself.  Really connect with yourself and take time to go on a date with yourself once in a while, whatever this means for you.  Take time to meditate, to read, to exercise, to prepare yourself a good, healthy meal, to pursue your hobbies, etc.  Spend your time and energy on you in positive ways, rather than on trying to attract or find or be someone for someone else, and someone else—the right someone else—will, too.

Tip #4:
Recognize that what you really want isn’t a particular man’s interest, but the feelings that you imagine you would have if that particular man were interested in you—excitement, connection, love, worthiness, value, etc.  And you can step into these feelings right now as you imagine them.  Then, if you do what feels right from this feeling place, you can attract the interest of a particular kind of man who actually supports you in feeling the ways you want to feel—whether it’s this particular man or a different one…perhaps one you aren’t even aware of yet.

Tip #5:
Address anything you feel needs to happen before you meet the right person for the kind of relationship you really want.  This might mean taking actions (in terms of career, financial situation, body and health, family relationships, friendships, living situation, romantic relationship, or wherever else), or simply changing your beliefs about what needs to happen first.  Get yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically ready so that if you were to get the interest of the right man tomorrow or next week or next month or next year, you would feel totally ready for this, with no fear or anything else holding you back.  This way you’ll get out of your own way and let the right man show interest in you (and you’ll recognize this interest when it comes).

Over many years of guiding others, I’ve helped many people bring the right romantic partner into their lives using my Life Guidance System.  If you’d like help getting the right kind of man interested in you, contact me for a Free 30-Minute Get His Interest Now Session, in which you’ll:

* Get completely clear about what you truly want in a romantic partner and relationship.

* Become aware of exactly what actually has been holding you back from getting everything you want in a romantic relationship up until now.

* Leave the session re-energized and inspired, with clarity about the next steps that you can take, beginning now, to get everything you want in the area of romantic relationships.

Ready to get interest from the right man?  Contact me now and let’s get started making this happen!
Jan 10, 2017
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