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How do I stop thinking negatively and stop being sad?

asked Apr 6, 2017
15520 PointsGold
In order to stop the mind chatter and become happier you must quiet the mind.

You cannot connect to yourself or G0D if you do not have a settled mine.

If you stop the thoughts in your mind you will not have sadness or feel a lack of meaning in life. The negativity is all in the mind.

An exercise for this is to be concious of your thoughts and shut off all negative thoughts for 7 days. For 7 days you must have positive thoughts. If you linger on a thought for more than a minute, you have to start over again.

Do not dwell on any negative thought
Leave your thoughts if they come in and dont't dwell on it.

Realize that you are not your thoughts  

Find the positive in people, not the negative.

Your beliefs determine your thoughts, which determine your words, which determines your actions.

Getting control over your thoughts is key.

How to break the pattern of thought:

1. Reframe the situation (change the way you look at it)

2. Find the good in the situation

3. Start meditating
Apr 6, 2017
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