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How do I start living my dream?

asked Apr 7, 2017
28850 PointsGold
First of all, you are ahead of the game just asking the question. This means that you know there is a higher purpose for your life. Ask yourself a few questions like "What would happen if I never lived my dream?" "How would the world be better if I took the steps to make my dream a reality?" "Am I okay with just floating through life unfulfilled?"  My point here is to stir up your passion for this thing you call your dream.

Begin with these few questions and then take your time to think about the value added to yourself and others when you make this extraordinary contribution. Are you fired up? Can you feel the power just knowing that there is something for you to do that NO ONE ELSE can do? I do.  It begins with you. When you are ready, your dream with wake you up and when it does give me a call. Here's to making dreams REAL. You know where to find me.
Apr 8, 2017
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15520 PointsGold
Once you figured out what your dream is, now you have to start living it.

Whatever it is you want to do just get started.

You will never achieve your dreams if you do not take the first step and just get started.

Do not let fear hold you back of what you are capable of. Once you start and get the momentum everything will come into its place.

The only way to become great and live your dreams is to start.

You have something unique inside of you.

People are waiting for your knowledge, skills, talents, expertise.

You have to get out of your comfort zone.

You have challenge yourself.

Go out there and share your dreams with the world.
Apr 7, 2017
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