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Where is The One?

I am a 27-years-old, working on a master’s degree in Business Administration. I look pretty good; I’m on the slim side, but muscular—somewhat athletic. I am a reader and a thinker, and I enjoy hanging out, dancing, socializing, etc. My personality is medium to larger in size— I’m not always the life of the party but I hold my own. I think I’m a good catch. I have a job that pays the bills and allows me to do (with planning) the fun things I love like concerts and travel. My problem? Well, sometimes I wonder when “The One” going to show up. Many of my closest college friends are married already. In fact, I’ve been a Best Man so many times that someone suggested that I order a tux in every color, and another person claims that one of my Best Man’s toasts was the best she had ever heard—suggesting that I publish it! My question to you is “Where is The One?”
asked Apr 10, 2017
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You can answer this one, my friend. Just read back through all that you’re doing? Where are you going to fit “The One” in your life and budget? Right, you don’t have time or money right this minute. So, the quick response is just get better established, finish school, and choose your method of sustainable income then you won’t have to ask this question because when you get stabilized, you’ll have room in your life for “The One.”

Secondly, but primarily, you cannot attract and will not attract “The One” until you have space in your life for him or her. In a phrase “It is not time for The One yet.” When the time comes things will line up in a way that you would wonder how it happened, but then you’ll know now it happened: It was time.

For now, keep hitting the books and enjoying your single life. But, don’t wait until “The One” shows up to get some pre-relationship coaching. You both should contact me for that one.
Apr 10, 2017
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