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I just got divorced. My widowed girlfriend said I shouldn't wait too long before I started dating. What do you think?

I have cold feet. I've been out of the dating scene for over 20 years.
asked Apr 13, 2017
540 PointsSilver
How are you feeling? Do you want to start dating? That's probably the best place to start. If the answer is yes- then sure! If the answer is no, why is that the case?  Divorce is hard. Sometime we come out of the experience with some emotional trauma. Maybe you should evaluate your reason behind why you feel the way you do.
Apr 13, 2017
+4 Votes
9340 PointsGold
Hi Jane,

While your friend is well-meaning only you will know when the best time is to start dating.

There is no prescribed period in which one must start dating post divorce. Only start when you feel ready.

Remember, DATING doesn't mean you will be jumping into a committed, long term relationship. Dating means that you will be wined and dined, that you will meet new people, that you will have some frustrations and that there will be good stories to tell.

When you are ready for that, start dating.

Take your time, don't rush things. Don't make the same mistakes twice.

Good luck!

Mitzi Bockmann
Apr 26, 2017
+3 Votes