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How confidential are sessions?

Life Coaches have a responsibility to follow Date Protection Acts in their residing country. This means that all notes taken during the session, correspondences and discussions with clients and potential clients must be kept confidential and any documents in relation to the client are stored away in a locked and secure place which only the Life Coach has access to.
asked Nov 22, 2016
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Your initial responce is the technical "hard" responce. As a certified coach credentialed by the International Coach Federation ( ICF) we compliy with a code of ethics which includes confidentiality. This is a much more "softer" responce and is based on the trust that is built between the coach and client. I always state up front, before each coaching session, that I follow the ICF code of ethics which includes confiedentialty. I then add that although I will keep our conversations confidential, what they (the client) does is up to them as its their information....
Jan 18, 2017
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Great Question!  

As a certified business coach, partnered with FocalPoint Business Coaching, chaired by Brian Tracy, we hold to the standards of a doctor or an attorney. We hold our practice to the strictest confidential standards. It is important for our clients to know this because we are trusted advisors, they need to be able to know they are in a safe environment.

The purpose of our practice is to help professionals, who know they are successful but are unable to obtain that elusive next level of success. We use powerful systems and processes, partly developed by experts such as Brian Tracy, as well as my 20+ years of training and coaching. When we work together we often will improve productivity significantly. When we do this, the profits are increased and a enhanced quality of life is the result.  


Although we may not be right for everybody,

We would love to sit down with you, ask you some questions which will tell us, but more importantly you if it would make sense to work together.   Can we do that?   I look forward to hearing from you.
Feb 18, 2017
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Hi. Very confidential. We do not disclose your personal issues etc.
Jul 27, 2017
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I can't speak for every coach, but sessions are completely confidential with me. We do very personal work, especially in my Deep Dive and Find Your Inner Voice sessions, so confidentiality is imperative.

When we do a group of sessions together, we both sign an agreement agreeing to 100% confidentiality.

-Michelle Alvarez
Health & Lifestyle Coach at Let's Get Real
Aug 4, 2017
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