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I am a star football player in my home town. Help me to come out to my dad?

asked Apr 24, 2017
580 PointsSilver
Well let me start by saying this, you are worthy of the beauty of love and to be loved with your choice of a partner. And now more than at any time other time in the world you are able to marry your beloved. With that said, let me say this. While you have known for most of your life, your father did not. He has always envisioned your life his way. As hard as it will be to come out for you; it also is the end of the idea in which your dad has always had of you and for you. So remember that it is very difficult for both sides.  No matter how it goes remember they love you. All of you will go through an adjustment period an uncomfortable time ;but it to shall pass. Please make sure before you tell them to have a ton of support in your corner as you may need them to lean on. And as for telling him it is not a matter of how, you just do it in your own way in a serious tone with love in your heart. Best wishes...
May 10, 2017
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