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I work six and half days a week for my company and my wife of 25 years may be leaving me. Any advise?

I don't want a divorce.
asked Apr 24, 2017
15520 PointsGold
Why do you say may be leaving you? Do you not know for sure?

First find out of she is actually planning on leaving.

If she is planning on leaving you, then talk to her. Ask her why she wants to leave.

Find out what her needs are and fulfill those needs if that is a possibility.

It would help to have some more information.
Apr 25, 2017
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9340 PointsGold
Hi Antonio,

The most important piece of this answer is that you know the truth. Is your wife leaving you? And if she is leaving you, why is she leaving you.

Is it because you work 6.5 days a week? Is it because when you are home you are messy? Is it because she is in love with someone else? Knowing the answer to this question is very important because without the answer you don't know what you are working with.

Once you do know the answer then you can start taking concrete steps to fixing the issue.

Good luck!!! Mitzi
Apr 26, 2017
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