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When my boss is being redundant, how do I tell her without sounding insubordinate?

asked Apr 24, 2017
26660 PointsGold
Josie, I understand your frustration. This is a great, yet common question. I applaud you for a desire to stay respectful. This is the most important. I believe there are several reasons this could occurring, however the behavior needs to be redirected.

First, it sounds like it could be a communication consideration. She may not understand how to communicate. Not only a communication concern, she may not know how to communicate to different motivation and behavior styles. This can be handled through training and mindset change which could be championed through your organization. We actualize various DISC assessments which make significant improvement. These would not only help her communicate, but they also would help yourself as well as others communicate more effectively with her as well.

Second, it could be a management style. One possible solution is to speak to someone who you feel comfortable with confidentiality. This may bring the issue to someone's attention who may have resources to help the situation.

Third, if you feel comfortable, sit down with her and just let her know your frustration. Approach her and let her know you are excited about helping in any way you are able. It is highly probable others in your organization have the same issue. There also may be someone who may be better suited to have that conversation.

I believe that these issues are primarily communication concerns. Once we are able to solve the communication difficulties, often this solves many other issues as well. There may be issues under the surface. There may be a need to have a more in depth conversation to isolate the issues.

Josie, I would look forward to talking to you further about your situation. I would love to be able to help in any way I am able.   

Business Coach Bob Reish
Apr 26, 2017
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Hi Josie,
That's an important question, and I'm glad you're asking. Redundancy can drain us of all of our energy, and leave us feeling frustrated. However, with some small adjustments, there is a solution to this. There are parts of this that could become more in your control, but it is important to differentiate from what you can change, and what you can't. I always like to say- change your mindset, or change the situation. So how should we start doing that, exactly?

* Ask yourself-  "What do I enjoy from this job?", " What would I enjoy more, If the redundancy were to appear less often?" And lastly, "What is in my control, and is the outcome that I want aligned with that?"

- It is important to feel as if you are being treated right in the workplace. If you do feel that is the case, then  another thing to ask is why does she become redundant? Have you earned her trust?

*If your boss is asking you to do the same thing, before she can ask, have it done. Over deliver it, and mention that you would love to take on a different responsibility.
-  Pay attention to where there is additional help needed, and go out of your way.
- Have an honest conversation, and express interest in what you hope to eventually be doing, and ask for her steps on how you can get there, and continue advancing to your goals.

Conversation and approach are key. As a coach, I help my clients reach their passions by goal setting, enhancing where they are at, and creating a future that they love. I would love to hear more about your situation specifically. Contact me, and we can go over some tools, and get you set up in a session.

I'll talk to you soon :) good luck!

- Coach  Natasha
Apr 26, 2017
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