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What can I do to stop my father-in-law from interfering when I'm disciplining my son?

asked Apr 28, 2017
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Honestly without knowing more details I am only guessing. Here is my best guess. I would have your spouse address this with their father. By your spouse addressing this with him your spouse can always start the conversation with  Dad, I see that you tend to often be in conflict with parenting and  disciplining of our son. And while we love that you are so involved in our child's life dad, he is ours and as such we have to be the one to discipline him.  It must be said as a united front rather than it be about you.. If you are living with your father in law then it may be better to set down and all of you go over and define the rules and consequences with everyone's input then post them in all the rooms so that consistency will rule. It is about the consistency for the child not a battle for power so keep that in mind when or if you live with your father in law when defining rules and consequences. Good Luck...
May 10, 2017
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Like Angelia stayed it does have to a united front presented to the in-law. Setting boundaries also helps in making sure that the children understand not to play you both against one another. Children are wise and if they see tension they will use it to their advantage. If homes are the same then written rules in the home visible to all can help so that when a child  does not abide there are no questions about how to discipline and what the child can expect to receive for discipline and correction. This eliminates the need to have a discussion about it with both in-law and the child.  So with the united front and the written rules you are now back in the leadership role of your home and with minimal conflict but multiple resolutions.
If we worked together we would discuss how to make a multigenerational home functional for all. How to include the in-law but set up boundaries. Lastly, how to get the partner who’s parent it’s is to be an assertive adult when dealing with their own parent.
Oct 12, 2018
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