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My brother is my parents' favorite and I know it, I hate it. Please help me figure out how to deal with it?

asked Apr 28, 2017
440 PointsSilver
Hello Jane :) I can understand how upset your thinking on this issue has made you. The amazing thing is that you don't have to simply deal with it. You have the power in you to change the way you are thinking about this situation.  In this world all things are created twice and must first be thought of before it can be made manifest, we all know this, we just don't know the Power in knowing this.  This concept isn't just true for tangible things but can relate to relationships, health and well-being, our careers, as well as our time and money freedom!  Using visualization techniques to envision yourself having deeper, more meaningful relationships with your parents, siblings, and friends first has to start with a change in your limiting beliefs or what I refer to as paradigms. These are the negative thoughts we hear in our heads that tells us we cannot Be, Do, or Have this or that until certain conditions are met, much like your belief that you cannot have the type of relationship your brother has with your parents do to conditions going on around you. We all live in a world that erroneously believes we must first Have a thing before we can Do a thing and Be this thing called happy. I have a proven, reliable, repeatable system for creating a life you LOVE living while changing the limiting beliefs that are the cause of your fears, doubts, and worries that may keep you from reaching those dreams. I'd love to have a one hour strategy session with you to dive a little deeper into what kind of life you would LOVE to live, in a world that is not reliant on the conditions going on around you. It is possible, hundreds of thousands of people are living proof of that! Reach out and connect with me :)
Apr 29, 2017
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