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How do I parent young adults living at home after college?

asked Apr 28, 2017
440 PointsSilver
Hello :)  I too can relate to this situation, although now they are all living on their own and doing well. I think the important thing to consider is to allow your adult children to ultimately make their own way in life in relation to important decisions for their new career paths. Life is full of many highs and lows and part of growing up is experiencing life first hand. Always being there to support them and helping them to know that with enough determination, commitment, and plenty of visualizations of themselves living a life they Love, they can create an amazing life for themselves. Simply knowing they are supported and loved goes a long way when children are required to step outside of their comfort zone, which can be very scary. I believe life begins at the end of that zone so gentle encouragement is a must. As far as living with mom and dad there still needs to be boundaries in order to keep the peace and continued respect for one another.  I don't have any specific details as to the existing parent/child relationship but as our children grow and mature so should their perspectives and beliefs. Open and honest communication is always a must.
Apr 29, 2017
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28850 PointsGold
Be essentially the same parent you were when your child was a minor. Only do it as if you were dealing with an adult. If you can take it then you need to discuss it with your child or help them find other living arrangements.  Because it may be that neither of you can handle living together given that your child is not a minor anymore, but is living with a parent that is that same number of years older than he or she before leaving home.
Dec 18, 2018
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