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How do I have a successful life?

asked May 10, 2017
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Steps for Successful Living

Find Solutions not Problems.

Have the end goal of mind.
What are you looking to get out of what you are doing
- College
- Vacation
- Conversation

Only if you have a goal in mind can you accomplish what you wanted to get done.

Prioritize and organize.
People who are overwhelmed get nothing done.
Take baby steps, take the next small step, and cross off your to do list by doing one thing at a time.

Think win win situation.
When you make other people happy, you will be happy.

Work on yourself and be involved with spiritual matters.

Gain self control.
Control of your emotions like anger.
Anger will push people away.
Control of your eating.
No control of eating and you will overeat and become overweight.

Be proactive not reactive.
Don't interrupt people in conversation.
Stop getting defensive.

Ask good questions.

Ask how you can help someone
When you are talking to someone.

Ask: how can I help you?

Think about the goal in mind before opening your mouth.

To be successful, you do not need to be in competition with others, you need to be in competition with yourself and keep improving against yourself. Everyone has their own unique talents and gifts and you do too. Dont try to impress other, try to impress yourself from where you came to where you are now and how much you have grown.
May 10, 2017
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