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I am a visionary not a organizer, so what do I need to do to start my non-profit business?

asked May 11, 2017
580 PointsSilver
Antonio, congratulations on your quest to form a non-profit. I am assuming that the non-profit addresses a cause that you feel very strongly about. The single most important step that you can take is to surround yourself with a team that can "see" your vision and bring it to life. This means they must possess strengths that help take your big picture vision and distill it down to measurable, concrete steps to make it happen.

I currently serve on two non profit boards and we have carefully cultivated directors, volunteers and professionals (such as our CPA) who collaborate well together.  In each case, there is a visionary like yourself who is passionate about the cause complemented by others who understand the legalities and organizational tasks necessary to be successful. In my area, there is an Alliance of Non Profits that helps provide guidance, information, job postings and many other resources that benefit the non profit community. Check your area for similar resources.  Hold your vision and understand that it takes a blend of vision and practicality  to create a wonderful non profit. Good luck!
May 16, 2017
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