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Our mission is to guarantee universal access to high-quality and personalized mental health support.

To do that, ChatOwl’s clinical services team has launched a free and evidence-backed platform that leverages leading clinical techniques proven to address a broad range of mental health conditions. ChatOwl’s secure, cutting-edge platform is a first-of-its-kind Clinical Artificial Intelligence (CAI) that personalizes clinically proven supports to help people overcome feelings of sadness, anxiety, and depression without expensive copays or wait times.

At ChatOwl, our team is making mental health support accessible to all and working to make it more effective than traditional in-person therapy. Join our movement and help us usher in a new era of mental well-being by downloading and using our platform today!


Anxiety and depression are the two most prevalent conditions in society. At least 18% of the population struggle with one of these issues. That’s 40 million people!

Of those 40 million, only 30% have access to a therapist, 70% are excluded. That’s 28 million people suffering in silence!

We believe that everyone deserves to be happy. And sound mental health is a prerequisite for happiness.


ChatOwl has been developed by an international team of clinical psychologists with more than 60 years of experience and is based on key findings of text-based digital pilot programs with more than 15,000 sessions.

Gianluigi Berini

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Gianluigi founded ChatOwl Inc. and currently serves as its CEO. He has extensive experience in digital mental health and medical technology. Gianluigi has a strong entrepreneurial background, and was involved in different successful exits. He has a proven track record as startup board member, and acted as executive chairman of a tech venture fund and was the CEO of the leading Swiss Incubator.  He holds MA degrees in economics and marketing. Gianluigi also founded More Than A Drop Foundation, a life-changing not-for-profit organization focused on self-help projects to combat poverty.

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Chelsey Wilks Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr Chelsey Wilks, is a clinical psychologist with extensive experience on the development and evaluation of digital therapeutics to expand access to high quality mental health treatment. Dr Wilks is an international expert in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, suicide prevention, human computer interaction, user experience research, and quantitative methods.
Dr Wilks did her post-doctoral training at Harvard University and has worked at Microsoft Research, Meta, and Mindstrong.

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Samuel Schwerzmann

Chief Operating Officer

Samuel Schwerzmann is the Chief Operating Officer at ChatOwl Inc. He specializes in healthcare innovation and digital transformation. Schwerzmann has over 15 years of experience and has been a board member at J. Tobler AG since 2006. He was the CEO of HEADSTORE AG and worked at Accenture and Expect Management. He holds an MBA from the University of Zurich and studied Entrepreneurship at the Turku School of Economics.

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Dr. Manoranjan Bhol

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Bhol leads the Product & Technology division at ChatOwl Inc. He focuses on AI innovation in NLP, conversational AI, LLM, vocal biomarker for mental health.
Bhol, over the past 20 years at various scaled and startup organizations, led many HIPAA compliant digital health products from 0 to 1 such as NLP OCR patient information from clinical chart, SMS patient engagement , AI chatbot for medication refill , meaningful EHR, LIS, RIS, telehealth, wearable devices,HIE, HL7 interoperability , PBM drug formulary , data warehouse, business analytics etc

One of the products he led is Surescripts electronic prescription which is currently used by nephrologists across 3400 dialysis centers in USA for more than 100,000 patients a day
Before ChatOwl, he was a VP of Product at QliqSOFT, Inc., and also worked at IBM and a few management consulting firms .
Bhol holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery from India.
He is a certified Professional of Academy of Healthcare Management and Healthcare Information and Management Systems, USA

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