Defocused christmas room at night

When Addicts Come Home for the Holidays, a Guide for Families

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In the eyes of a child, the holiday season brings excitement, expectations, and joy. Santa is coming, there are plates full of cookies everywhere you look, and distant relatives come visiting with arms full of gifts. What isn’t there to love about the holidays? But, for people struggling with addiction, the holidays might not bring the innocent joy it once …

One man, sitting at the bar counter alone, he has drinking problems.

The Truth About Alcohol and Depression

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If you’ve ever poured a glass of red wine after a challenging day at work, you know the power alcohol has to melt away stress. But alcohol isn’t a magic pill. It doesn’t make your job any less stressful, and it doesn’t make your problems go away. But, the momentary feeling is powerful. It may be why there is a …

Woman drinking wine alone in the dark room

Why is Alcohol Considered a Drug?

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The definition of a drug is, “…a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.” So although we often think of drugs as something that comes in a pill form or something that you acquire through illegal channels, alcohol is something that you neither need a prescription for nor do you …

Sex Addiction Cut Out of Newspapers

9 Signs You Have a Sex Addiction & Treatment Options

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Progressive intimacy disorder, more commonly called sex addiction, is an evolving field of mental health. Despite all the media coverage of celebrity sex addicts, as a mental health issue, it is still poorly understood. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), the go-to manual for all mental illness, does not even have a definition of this behavioral compulsion …

Family Intervention of Addict

11 Tips for Dealing With Family Members With Addictions

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Popular television shows have done a bit of a disservice to those living with substance use disorders. The same goes for families of those with addictions. We grew up watching interventions play out on daytime television. These programs led us to believe that an intense, and sometimes traumatic intervention was the single reliable way to solve addiction. But, if you …

A man is chained to computer from porn addiction

Addicted to Porn? 7 Strategies to Overcome a Porn Addiction

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With pornography more accessible then ever before, the rates of porn addiction are on the rise. With a smartphone in our pockets, we carry a 24-7 access portal to porn wherever we go. Today porn is everywhere – there is no getting away from it. Instant access is leading to compulsive, problematic, and excessive use.

Alcohol Addiction Hangover

Alcohol Addiction: Signs, Risks & Treatment Resources

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“OMG, I was so wasted last night” is probably the most popular morning-after catchphrase of every great party you’ve been to in recent times! We live in a culture that celebrates alcohol and drunkenness, and with good reason. Alcohol, in small amounts, makes us feel light-hearted, euphoric and lively. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Beer is proof that God loves …