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10 Tips to Avoid Depression Triggers During the Holidays

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The holiday season is meant to be full of family, friendship, and fun. But sometimes the high expectations, financial pressure, and stress that surround the holidays can leave us feeling down. In fact, it’s common to hear talk of “holiday depression” or the “holiday blues” mixed in with excitement for the festivities. According to Psychology Today, while holiday depression isn’t …

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5 Ways to Take the Stress Out of the Holidays

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…and for most people, that means they’re starting to feel stressed. In fact, a Healthline survey in 2015 found that 62% of people find the holidays “somewhat or very stressful.” The holidays should be a time for celebrating, relaxing, and making memories with the people we love. But underneath all the festive fun, …

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Not so Merry? Make the Season Brighter with these Holiday Self-care Tips

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As Christmas songs play in the background, and your family gathers around the fire, you are internally stressing about the money you’ve spent on presents and the roast in the oven? Why are the holidays so challenging for mental health?  In your view, everything was supposed to be perfect this year, but you feel overwhelmed and totally stressed out. Perfection …

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Why Couples Break up During the Holidays – And How to Make it Through to New Year’s  

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The turkey drop isn’t about a failed meal, rather a failed relationship. Why things go so wrong for many couples over the holiday season… There is a strange phenomenon that happens around the holidays. At a time when you are supposed to surround yourself with love, many people are breaking up. The “turkey drop” is officially the time between mid-November …

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When Addicts Come Home for the Holidays, a Guide for Families

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In the eyes of a child, the holiday season brings excitement, expectations, and joy. Santa is coming, there are plates full of cookies everywhere you look, and distant relatives come visiting with arms full of gifts. What isn’t there to love about the holidays? But, for people struggling with addiction, the holidays might not bring the innocent joy it once …

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Your Holiday Guide to Managing Social Anxiety

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If the thought of holiday parties and family dinners leaves your palms sweating and your heart racing, you’re not alone. Despite promising to be “the most wonderful time of the year,” the holidays can be an exhausting and stressful time for anyone who experiences social anxiety. The endless list of unavoidable social engagements with acquaintances and distant relatives can feel …

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Stress Management Therapy: Proven Techniques to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

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You spend hours a day commuting. Every month is a constant struggle to pay your bills. Your relationships at home and work are suffering. You have no time to relax, and your body physically aches. It’s overwhelming. It feels impossible to tackle everything at once. Does this sound all too familiar? You might be feeling the repercussions of chronic stress. …

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Suffering Through Success: Characteristics of High Functioning Anxiety

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Anxiety appears in different ways for different people. Social anxiety is the fear of big crowds and small talk. Specific phobias might appear after a bad flight or an up-close encounter with a larger-than-life spider. High functioning anxiety is yet another type of anxiety, but one which often goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. What is high functioning anxiety? Although this type …

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The Truth About Alcohol and Depression

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If you’ve ever poured a glass of red wine after a challenging day at work, you know the power alcohol has to melt away stress. But alcohol isn’t a magic pill. It doesn’t make your job any less stressful, and it doesn’t make your problems go away. But, the momentary feeling is powerful. It may be why there is a …