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Brooke Shields, Postpartum Depression

ChatOwl Depression

Reading Time: 4 minutes “In a strange way, it was comforting to me when my obstetrician told me that my feelings of extreme despair and suicidal thoughts were tied to a biochemical shift in my body. Once we admit that postpartum is a serious medical condition, then the treatment becomes more available and socially acceptable.” Brooke Shields It is hard to fathom that the …

Elton John: Overcoming addiction and bulimia

ChatOwl Addiction

Reading Time: 4 minutes Last year’s hit biopic Rocketman – a fantastical take on the life of the legendary Elton John – didn’t shy away from exploring the darker side of John’s life and career. In fact, the pop icon has never been shy about discussing his struggles with addiction and bulimia. In his own words, “success was fantastic, and then I couldn’t cope …

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Creativity and Mental Health

ChatOwl Mental Health

Reading Time: 5 minutes “If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced” Vincent Van Gogh Although most mental health disorders are called “illnesses,” which has a negative connotation, some positives do come from them. Throughout time, there has been speculation that creativity and mental health might be linked. Not only recently, …

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My Big Fat Anxious Life: An Anxiety Diary

ChatOwl Anxiety

Reading Time: 6 minutes A former corporate worker turned freelance writer, Jessica has a history managing her generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and panic disorder. Recently, she opened up to Chat Owl to share what it’s like living with anxiety.  Jessica lives with what she calls “functional anxiety.” Constant simmering anxiety feels completely normal but leaves her little mental space to handle everyday stressors. With …

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Bio: Nikola Tesla

ChatOwl Mental Health

Reading Time: 5 minutes When you hear the name “Tesla,” you probably think of Elon Musk’s game-changing electric cars. But Musk and his co-founders chose the name to honor another creative, game-changing inventor: Nikola Tesla. While you might not be familiar with Tesla himself, you’re definitely familiar with some of his inventions. He’s responsible for inventing the AC electricity supply that still powers the …

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Kurt Cobain, ADHD and Depression

ChatOwl Mental Health

Reading Time: 5 minutes “The worst crime is faking it.” Kurt Cobain Kurt Cobain is quite arguably one of the most beloved musicians of all time. He was a musician, singer, and songwriter who had a very unique gift. Best known as the lead guitarist of the band Nirvana, Cobain was born in Aberdeen, Washington, where he formed the iconic band. Leading the Grudge …

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Bio: John Nash, Schizophrenia

ChatOwl Mental Health

Reading Time: 5 minutes John Nash was a Nobel Prize-winning mathematician and economist and the inspiration behind the Oscar-winning film “The Beautiful Mind.” Nash overcame the challenges of a schizophrenia diagnosis to lead an incredibly, colorful life. Despite decades of paranoia and hallucinations, he not only eventually overcame the diagnosis but left an indelible mark on the world. This is the story of Nash’s …

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Depression and Anxiety Relief, A Guide to Relaxing Breathing Techniques

ChatOwl Anxiety, Depression

Reading Time: 4 minutes “Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.”  ― thich nhat han There is a phrase we use when things come so naturally that we aren’t even aware we are doing them. That effortless and automatic effort is said to be “just like breathing.” It’s common to take breathing and its importance to life …

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Are you a Serial Monogamist…What Does it say About you?

ChatOwl Relationship

Reading Time: 6 minutes “I think biologically we are attracted to more than one person, but given society and our needs, monogamy works better” – Nancy Friday Since human beings passed the primal stage of hunting and gathering, many have questioned whether monogamy is natural or not. Or, if it is a social construct meant to keep people in line. And to produce a …

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Mental Health Care is a Human Right – Access Now!

ChatOwl Mental Health

Reading Time: 5 minutes Mental illness affects an estimated 44 million Americans every year. But less than half of them get the help they need. In fact, it takes on average 8-10 years for people to get treatment for mental illness in the US. But access to mental health care is a human right. In fact, it’s enshrined in Article 25 of the Universal …