Strategies Before Divorce

Divorce Advice: 7 Last Ditch Strategies to Try Before Filing for Divorce

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Things look hopeless right now, but the good news is that you are even researching how to get help. Before you call your attorneys…try these last-ditch relationship strategies. Relationships are difficult all on their own, but add in kids, a mortgage, and work, and two people can find themselves struggling to keep the till death do us part commitment alive. …

Young woman looking through window with reflection

10 Signs You Should Consider Online Therapy

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Mental health issues aren’t always as black and white as you might expect. The signs of depression don’t always manifest as sadness, and the symptoms of anxiety aren’t always as blatant as frequent panic attacks. Knowing when it’s time to hit the therapist’s couch or to schedule an online session from the comfort of your own couch, is not always …

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Online Counseling Guide: Effectiveness, Benefits Over Traditional Counseling

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Online counseling (also called e-therapy, cybertherapy, or e-counseling) has bloomed out of the rising need for mental health services and our increasing reliance on technology in our daily lives. By the latest numbers, there are roughly 44 million Americans with a mental health disorder, but approximately 24 million choose not (or were unable) to get appropriate treatment. [1] The reasons …

Contemplating Getting Help

7 Benefits of Mental Health Therapy

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Deciding to seek out mental health therapy is not always an easy one. It could be something you’ve considered for years but never felt comfortable enough to act on. There are many barriers preventing people like yourself from seeking the help they need – whether real or imagined. Just finding a therapist can be challenging enough, but often people feel …

Premarital Counseling - Couple Proposal

What is Premarital Counseling & What are the Benefits

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You’re getting married soon and naturally, your focus is on finding the perfect wedding attire and putting together your dream wedding that also lives up to everyone else’s expectations. But a wedding is just the first event in a lifetime together. Can your relationship weather every crisis that comes your way? When you’re in love, you tend to see everything …