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Chat Therapy Effectiveness: Is it the Encouragement You’ve Been Searching for?

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What if you could meld your bestie with an impartial third-party voice of reason? And what if they were available whenever you need them? Most importantly, what if you could tell them your deepest, darkest secrets without fear of judgment or reprisal? Text therapy might just be that bestie you’ve been looking for – Chat therapy effectiveness can’t be denied! …

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5 Reasons to Avoid Free Online Chat Counseling

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“You can’t think your way to a new way of acting, you must act your way to a new way of thinking.” David Schnarch One of the biggest trends in mental health is free online chat counseling forums. Although they are the answer to many peoples’ prayers because they offer the accessibility that wasn’t available in the past, they are …

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7 Daily Habits Hurting Your Mental Health

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All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsions, habit, reason, passion and desire.” Aristotle Humans are creatures of habit. And sometimes it is easier to continue to do the same things day after day, even if they are nonproductive, then to take the time to change. But if you have habits that are keeping …

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5 Reasons Why Online Counseling is Effective

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For many, there are significant hurdles to getting the mental health they need. Online counseling opens up barriers to assistance and reaches many on a highly accessible level. Not everyone has access to or can afford mental health assistance. And there are also those who aren’t sure about the entire process of sitting down with a stranger to talk about …

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Ten Reasons Online Chat Counseling is Becoming so Popular

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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” Maya Angelou The ways that people communicate has completely transformed since the introduction of the internet and cell phones. Just a few short decades ago, if you wanted to talk to someone; you had to either meet with them in person or pick up a telephone. Now there …

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Why Millennials Love Text Based Counseling & Does It Actually Work?

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What’s the best way to reach millennials who need support? Meet them where they already operate, on their phones. It’s why counseling is moving out of private offices and into text messages at least when it comes to the younger generations. Millennials, those born between the early 1980s and the late 1990s, are on their devices up to five hours …

Relationship Argument

10 Signs (or Reasons) you Should go to Couples Therapy

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Something doesn’t feel right in your relationship, but you are having trouble putting your finger on it. There are more arguments over trivial issues, more criticisms flying back and forth, and a general sense of unhappiness. It’s starting to feel like this turmoil is about more than just dirty socks on the floor. Is this an indication it’s time to …