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The Five Stages of Grief: There’s No Such Thing as Normal!

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“My best friend said to me once, ‘I don’t think you have ever taken the time to grieve your husband,’ as if there is a beginning and end. When you love someone with all that you are, it is a journey that never fully starts and never truly ends.” – Julie Keating Grief is one of those things that is …

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10 Ways You Can Improve Your Mental Health

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Improving your mental health doesn’t always require a hefty financial investment or medication. The smallest changes can lead to big improvements in your mental health. If you find yourself struggling under the pressures placed on you by society, your profession, or even your family life, try taking on a few of the following suggestions. These suggestions are designed for long …

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Are You Lonely or Depressed? 5 Ways To Treat Both Conditions

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“Some days, 24 hours is too much to stay put in, so I take the day hour by hour, moment by moment. I break the task, the challenge, the fear into small, bite-sized pieces. I can handle a piece of fear, depression, anger, pain, sadness, loneliness, illness.” Regina Brett, American Author What is loneliness? If we were to believe what …

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7 Ways to Deal With Loneliness

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“You always know. You always have needs, and when they aren’t met, your body sends signals. Hunger, loneliness, exhaustion, thirst, and fear are all signals that something is missing, and you need to act on it now.” Mel Robbis Loneliness can sometimes feel like an empty hole inside of you that you can’t seem to fill. For some people, it …

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20 Lifestyle Changes to Overcome Depression

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Before you reach for a medicine bottle try these 20 lifestyle changes to free yourself from the blues. Although it is entirely natural to feel down at times in life, it if it a persistent theme in yours, you might want to consider that you might be suffering from depression. Depression can range in severity from mild to severe. It …

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10 Signs You Should Consider Online Therapy

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Mental health issues aren’t always as black and white as you might expect. The signs of depression don’t always manifest as sadness, and the symptoms of anxiety aren’t always as blatant as frequent panic attacks. Knowing when it’s time to hit the therapist’s couch or to schedule an online session from the comfort of your own couch, is not always …