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Many of us are afraid of something, whether it is snakes, storms or spiders. In fact, 90% of adults have noted they have been afraid of something in their adult lives to the point of feeling uneasy when they see it again. When your phobia prevents you from focusing on your life, or when the fear becomes overwhelming, it may be time to look for help. Common phobias include:
Acrophobia--fear of heights
Agoraphobia--fear of closed in spaces
Ailurophobia--fear of cats
Arachnophobia--fear of spiders
Brontophobia--fear of storms
Cynophobia--fear of dogs
Mysophobia--fear of germs
Ophidiophobia--fear of snakes

How Can Therapy Help?

Therapy for phobias differ based on the type of phobia you have. Some phobias require cognitive relaxation therapy, which would allow you to discuss your fears with a therapist, and then learn how to relax even if you are in the midst of a fearful experience. Therapy for other phobias may call for calming techniques and gradual exposure to the phobia. For example, if you are afraid of dogs, your therapist may tell you to be in the same room with a small puppy without touching it or interacting with it to start reducing your fear. We have many therapists with experience in phobias who can give you the help you need to live life without constant fear.


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