Premarital Counseling - Couple Proposal

What is Premarital Counseling & What are the Benefits

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Reading Time: 6 minutes You’re getting married soon and naturally, your focus is on finding the perfect wedding attire and putting together your dream wedding that also lives up to everyone else’s expectations. But a wedding is just the first event in a lifetime together. Can your relationship weather every crisis that comes your way? When you’re in love, you tend to see everything …

Woman With Social Anxiety & Depression

The Best Ted Talks for People with Social Anxiety

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Reading Time: 6 minutes In the last year, roughly 7 percent of adults experienced a period of social anxiety. More than 12 percent of American adults will go through social anxiety at some point in their life, with women at higher risk of social anxiety than men (eight percent versus six percent). Adolescents also have a higher risk. With the prevalence of social anxiety …

TED Talks Anxiety

The Best Ted Talks for People with Anxiety

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Reading Time: 7 minutes For whatever ails you, there is a TED talk for that. The organization pulls talent from around the world to speak about their passion, their careers, and their challenges. For a long time, I assumed TED speakers were so successful that they’d never be concerned about mental illness – but I was wrong. What the TED talks have taught me …

Anxiety From Politics

Sick From Trump? Exploring the Rise of Political Anxiety

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Reading Time: 7 minutes The divide in the nation’s ideology on political views is sickening, but could it really be making you mentally ill? Perhaps it is a symptom of increased news outlets, social media, and mainstream media, but there appears to be growing anxiety related to American politics, and specifically the decisions of President Donald Trump. What counselors and other mental health professionals …

Madly in love

10 Habits of Couples That Stay Madly in Love & Happy

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Reading Time: 9 minutes Long lasting relationships, and perhaps more importantly, happy long lasting relationships tend to have a few common characteristics. But don’t be fooled, a lot of hard work goes into a good relationship. Not all healthy habits come easily, but do you know what healthy relationship habits are? They might not be as clear as you’d expect – but we’ll get …

15 Natural Remedies and Holistic Techniques to Reduce Anxiety in 2019

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Reading Time: 6 minutes Before you go reaching for a medicine bottle to curb your anxiety, try this quick and easy fix that takes just minutes a day! Stress is not only unavoidable, in the right amounts, it can be healthy. But if you are experiencing an extreme amount of it or don’t have the right coping skills to stave off its negative effects, …