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How to manifest Men, Money & meaningful Careers posted Nov 26, 2018

How to manifest Men, Money & meaningful Careers

What is manifesting?

Manifesting is using the law of attraction to will things into your life.

The law of attraction is like attracts like. As you prefer friends that are similar to you in essence. The law of attraction works in a similar fashion.

We are always manifesting whether we realize it or not. Both the good and the bad.

Ever notice how when you decide you want to take a vacation to Hawaii, all the sudden you start meeting people who just got back, you’re watching TV and the characters take a trip there. Even Facebook gets in on it and starts advertising package deals to the islands on your feed.  

Or how about when you buy a new car- then suddenly everyone around you has the same car!

Like attracts like, and the more you think about something the more it appears in your reality.

We are all energy. Rub your the hands of your palms together. Notice the energy when you seperate them. Everything around us carries a vibrational frequency of energy. The chair you’re sitting on, the phone in your hand, the cupcake you had for dessert. Your thoughts and emotions are energy to. (E)motions are energy in motion.

When you realize this, you see how connected everything is. You can draw things into your life by connecting to this vibration like a magnet.

So how can we use this to draw things we really want into our lives?

I narrowed it down to 6 main steps.

Step one: Get crystal quartz clear on what you want.

How can the universe know what to give you if you never ask?

Set an intention.

I know you may be hesitant because you set an intention in yoga once, but it didn’t come true.

When you set an intention of desire out into the universe you put yourself in creator mode, which is a great frequency to be in. It’s where source lies & where your desire starts to be created.

However, when you set an intention and then think of the 99 reasons why you can’t have your desire it backfires.

Get your thoughts congruent with what you want, and believe you can have it.

Which leads me to step two:

Removing the blocks/ limiting beliefs

In order to manifest anything into your life, you have to 100% believe that you are capable and worthy of having it.

So if you want to manifest more money ask yourself what is internally and externally keeping me from my desires?

What stories do I need to let go of that are holding me back from my birth right of abundance?

What skills do I need to improve my chances of getting hired at xyz company or starting my own business.

Where I have I given my power to someone else, and need to feel worthy of receiving the desires of my heart?

It is really hard to manifest anything into your life if you don’t feel worthy and believe that you are capable of having it.

The ego will do anything to keep you small, safe, and prove your limiting beliefs right.

It’s your job to squash those limiting beliefs so you can live your most authentic life that you’re not cockblocking yourself from your hearts truest desires.

Step 3: cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

Gratitude and abundance are BFFS. 2 peas in a pod, a package deal if you will. Can’t have one without the other.

It’s hard to cultivate anything into your reality if you’re not already appreciative for the things already in your life.

Gratitude and love are the highest frequencies, when you connect to this vibration, you’ll become a magnet to your desires.

Love is where source and creation lies- when you align yourself with love and every action you take is from a place of love- love is going to come boomeranging right back to you.

Step 4: practice non-attachment

It’s best to come from a place of again gratitude.

Make this your new mantra

“ I love where I am right now, and I’m even more stoked on the things that are coming into my life”

It’s best to come from a place of love rather than lack.

Abundance flows from abundance.

Not lack, scarcity and fear.

Desire something because it moves you closer to your hearts and souls desire.

Not at a fear of not having or being enough.

The universe wants you to know yourself in your wholeness and will keep bringing you situations until you see that you are love.

Step 5: Act as if

It is so powerful to vizualize as if it’s already yours.

Really feel into what exactly it is that you want. The more you can use all of your senses to really imagine it, the sooner it will come to you.

The reason we desire anything is because how we think it will make us feel.

You don’t want to be a millionaire because having a million pieces of paper is cool. You want it because of the freedom, adventure, ease that money would give you.

If you can get yourself to a place where you feel these things before you see them it will flow to you continuously with utmost ease.

Step 6: take aligned action

Listen to your intuition. Once you full decide, the universe will drop in so many downloads, align you with the right people at the right time.

But if you don’t take action on those little whispers and nudges of your soul…..

It’s going to take a lot longer for your manifestation to bear fruit.

You have to do your part.

Ex: if you want a boyfriend,

You have to put yourself out there and make yourself known to the world.

Unless you plan on dating the pizza man---but ain’t nothing wrong with that. Down for an unlimited supply of dominos.


Whether you’re manifesting a man, money, or meaningful career- it’s all the same process. Just eliminating different stories blocks and believe patterns of why you can’t have certain things.

Which is where I come in- Often we get so stuck in the problem that it’s hard for us to see the solution. As a coach, I am able zoom out for you, and intuitively see what blocks are keeping you from manifesting. If you’d like to book a session so you can manifest your most juiciest sweetest desires please send me a request.

Set your intention, take aligned action, know it’s already yours, then step back and let the universe knock your socks off.

Connect with me on Instagram for daily manifestation stories, tips, and freebies. 


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Elisa Danielle

/ Manifestation and mindset mentor