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Money stories that are keeping you from your birthright of abundance. posted Nov 27, 2018

Money can be such a trigger topic.

I so get it, and it use to be me. Until I cleared my money stories, and learned how to become bffs with money. & now it flows to me with ease.

Any of these sound familiar?

money can’t buy happiness.

it buys plane tickets and that’s almost the same thing.

In all seriousness, money covers your basic needs for survival. Housing, health, food. As in Maslow's hierarchy of needs, you can’t reach self-actualization if you’re struggling to provide for your psychological needs. Or for my spiritual babes. It’s hard to open up your crown chakra if your feeling stuck in your root.

I know for me I am the happiest I’ve ever been since I stepped into my purpose. To fulfill my purpose though, I need more than the minimum wage. It costs a lot to run a business and I plan on starting my own foundation which again takes monayyyy.

You can’t be spiritual and have money & you can’t charge for helping others

Holding space for someone to heal can be exhausting, and it is my job to be at my highest energy to serve them from this place of absolute love and bliss. Eating healthy organic foods isn’t cheap. Getting messages and self care costs money.

I started separating my business from my philanthropy and realized that I am still helping people, but I need to help myself first so i can come from my abundance not from what's left over. HEALED people Heal people.

Source wants you to live your most authentic badass life…

I know for me I want to experience EVERYTHING possible. From climbing mount kilimanjaro to feeding the poor. & that takes MONEYY.

You came here to THRIVE not just survive barely making it paycheck to paycheck.

If you have money, it would take away from someone else.

Abundance expands with desire, and as we grow as a collective abundance expands proportionately. Your abundance does not limit another. Imagine more spiritually woke people having money? How much good we could all do for the collective?

Money is greedy & greedy people suck

Money as a beautiful expression of energy. You are energy and you can always make more of it. Ya greedy people suck, and probably are going to get more suckier the more money they have. But awesome people in the hands of money? Even more awesome because they know that money is a beautiful ebb and flow and the more they give out the more they get back.

Ready to rewrite your stories that are blocking you from your birthright of abundance?

Send me a request so we can get money flowing to you with ease :) 

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Elisa Danielle

/ Manifestation and mindset mentor