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Start today to change EVERYTHING posted Feb 4

Think about where you were 5 years ago.

Seems like only yesterday, right?

Are you where you’d thought you’d be 5 years later, when you looked forward back then?

Are you leading the life you envisioned?

Do you have the income, lifestyle, freedom, health, relationships, poise and skills you thought you would have by now?

Guess What? Now you get another chance to look forward to the next 5 years
Over the next 5 years you can accomplish what people spend a lifetime trying to do. How do you visualize your life to be in 5 years? What job do you have in what industry? How much money are you making? What city do you live in? What kind of car are you driving? What kind of house/apartment/etc. do you live in? Who are you with in your relationship? How are you viewed in the community?

Be as specific as possible. Take the time to visualize all areas of your life. I only mentioned some of them. Write them all down and look at it every month, wee, and even day. Start today moving to where you want to be in 5 years.

A Goal vs. A Promise
It makes a big difference if you turn your goals into promises. That’s because most of us have set goals and know of other people that have set goals and didn’t fulfill them. Our mind tends to see goals as something to strive for, something to aim at…but if we don’t “hit the target”, it’s fine because “we’re not the first or the last that have set goals and didn’t achieve them.”

On the other hand, when we promise someone that we’re going to do something, our mind goes to work for us and we do everything that’s in our power to fulfill that promise because we don’t like to feel the pain, shame or embarrassment of letting somebody down. Our integrity is such that a promise means more to us than setting a goal.

Therefore, instead of saying, “Honey, I know that we have not been spending enough quality time alone, lately… so, I’m going to try (or my goal is) to take you out on a romantic date twice a month”, tell her instead, “Honey, I promise that from now on, I’m going to take you out on a date twice a month.”

The Power of Accountability Partners
Commitment is doing the thing you said you were going to do, long after the mood you said it in has left you.

The pressures of life will not come to an end just because you have decided to begin this program. It has been my experience that those who have the most success with the program are those who had 2 or more Accountability Partners (not within the same household) doing the program also.

Some benefits of utilizing Accountability Partners include:

  • Assistance in organizing ideas, thoughts, and tasks into specific, measurable, attainable, and realistic goals
  • Assistance in prioritizing an effective and consistent plan
  • Ensuring accountability for task follow through
  • Mentoring through difficulties and indecisiveness
  • Sharing advice, personal knowledge and experience
  • Follow up on your success

During your search for appropriate Accountability Partners, keep in mind that the right person should be someone who will challenge, engage and evoke a sense of accomplishment in you. Confidence, creativity and strength are all traits that will be useful to you. Also consider choosing an Accountability Partner who you trust to keep confidence as you may get into financial and personal discussions that are confidential in nature.

Promise yourself and your Accountability Partners that you will become a better person and achieve your goals.

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life
Unlocking your full potential for Wealth, Success, and Achievement

Your THOUGHTS, your WORDS, and your ACTIONS, are building blocks to creating the life that you want!

Doing the same things over and over expecting different results is insanity. The only way to get different results is to change what we do. The process of change begins in our minds. Our thoughts help shape and create our circumstances in life. “As A Man Thinketh, So Is He.” When we change our thinking, we change our lives.

What does it mean to change? Change = to transform or convert.

When we find ourselves stuck in a rut or not quite where we want to be in life, it is time for change. Old habits, old thoughts, and old ways of thinking must go. We literally have to cleanse our minds of negativity, scars, conditioning, and mental blocks.

Living Your Dream is a continuous process of training and transforming our minds to achieve optimal living. There are many ways to begin the process of changing the way we think.

What we feed our minds affect how and what we think. When we bombard the mind with negative images, fears, bad news, violence, pain, and suffering etc…our mind responds by conjuring up matching thoughts. When we feed our minds with positive images, good news, peace, happiness, and prosperity …our mind responds accordingly.

Our mind will produce thoughts based on the information we provide it with. The thoughts that our mind produces set a wheel of events in motion. Thoughts are creative and whatever thoughts we find ourselves preoccupied with always manifest in our lives.

What you do with your life is up to you. Life is what you make it. You have everything you need to create life, destroy life, improve life, and touch the lives of others. For every cause there is an effect. Every life represents a mission, a purpose, a cause. What will be the effect of your LIFE?

I promise you, if you commit today to reach your goal with the help of accountability partners, change your thinking to positive thoughts you will be in a much better place in 5 years.

How do you visualize your life in 5 years?

All long journeys start with a one step.

What one step are you going to take today?


Steve Feld, MBA, provides training and business performance coaching to business owners, professionals and executives. Steve also speaks to organizations, conducts workshops and training. Focusing on the lead generation and revenue creation to get growth results for the business. Contact Steve today to see how he can assist you grow your business,, or He is in the business of growing businesses. #bizcoachstevef #entrepreneur #smallbusiness #business #smallbiz #coaching #businessowner #businesscoach #leadership #marketing

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