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Are you having an "affair"? posted Apr 21, 2017


Are you having an "affair"?... With your apps?  Your smartphone?  Your Facebook updates?  Or other devices that light up and make life a little more exciting?

Have you ever considered how much time you spend "wasting time" with your apps, devices and other electronic technology?  I know "wasting time" is a relative term here but keep reading if you at all are looking to gain some time in your life and reduce some stress!  I often hear comments from people complaining that they don't have enough time.  But have you ever considered how much time you spend on your computer, smartphone or other devices that light up and engages you?

Do you think about your email/texts and other communications like Facebook posts are more important than the person talking to you or meeting with?  Texting, interacting with your device while driving?  We all have heard about the dangers but how many of us still do it?

Questions for you to consider:
    *Do you consider it OK to use your device during a family meal?  During a meal with a spouse or close friend?   First date?  Would you use your device if you were meeting with the President, Pope or some other very important person?
    *What does it say to the person in front of you that you are interacting with, this conversation I am having on Facebook is more important than the one I am having with you?
    *On vacation can you leave your device in the off position or do you "need to check" even while you are on vacation?  Isn't the point of a vacation to de-stress and relax and get away from the day to day concerns?
    *Where is your attention focused on as you read this sentence?  Actually, are you reading this or have you in the past 20 seconds allowed your brain to go somewhere else and miss the present moment?

Now I am not saying using these electronic devices is a bad thing, actually, the electronic devices and platforms are good things but what I am saying is perhaps you spend too much time and brainpower concerning yourself with them?

Consider how many times in a given day you log onto Facebook to check on updates or post updates?  I'm sure we all know people that post updates about them going shopping or to the movies or playing Angry Birds and then they wondering where the time went or maybe don't even consider the "time cost" of these activities?  I find that often people are "busy" but really not focusing on the important things or items in their day that contribute to their success and wind up at the end of the day with too much to do because they couldn't get focused on the important items and were distracted with texting, emails or other more "exciting" things to do with your technology.

Am I against technology?  Of course NOT!  Do I post to Facebook and Twitter?  YES.  Do I allow my brain energy to be drained away with these electronic "affairs."?  I try not too but this is a work in progress, just like you are!

No one is perfect and as a human BEING, not a human DOING I believe you have the power to chose how you use your time/energy and brain power to interact with technology.  So if you would like to end your "affair" with your apps, you DO have the choice to do so or modify how you spend your time with your apps and devices.

Let me know what you think about this post.

Craig Bodoh
"The Time man"

340 PointsSilver

Craig Bodoh

/ Personal Development Specialist