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Follow Your Own Path posted Apr 30, 2017


We often find ourselves endlessly following others, hoping that they can shed light on the direction that our life ought to take. We see their successes, model after them, and begin to desire the life that they have. The more we learn about them, the more we come to understand,  that our golden idol actually has clay feet. Our hopes become dashed and we feel discouraged and somehow betrayed.  So off we go to find another mentor, then another and another, each ending with the same result, although we can sometimes go for years basking in the light of one particular guru or spiritual leader. 

What we do not often realize is that each of us has our own path to follow and our own unique light. What may work for one person, may not work for you.  That person is following their own dreams, ideas, and light.  

One simply cannot under-estimate the tremendous power that EACH of us has to guide our own life. 

Insights arise from within, not ever from outside of us.  It is an inside job. When we listen carefully to that inner voice attempting to get our attention, it will lead you into a direction that will be right for YOU, not a path that is right for someone else. 

This is not only true in our personal lives. It is also the way to conduct one's professional and business life. We do need to learn about practical matters, by acquiring specific training for our professions,businesses, and functioning in any given society.   However, where we can go astray is by only listening to the advice of others and not listening intently to our own inner voice, as to how to apply the knowledge and skills that we have learned. 

Detailed techniques may work for the instructor and their particular business, but a host of dutiful followers are often disappointed when they do not get the same results of their leader or mentor.  It is crucial to listen to your own unique insights as you approach any aspect of your life, even in practical matters. Those insights will let you know exactly HOW or even IF to apply any new knowledge that you have gained.

Make time each day to be very, very still for a just a few moments, free of distractions and noise.  Many people find that sitting quietly observing nature, even if that is in a public park, can allow you to feel the powerful voice within that is unique to you alone, yet contains a portion of the wisdom of the universe as well.  Others find that soothing music (without lyrics that can distract) can bring them to a place where they can come into contact with their spirit. 

We are each a part of a great and wise whole.  No one is any more privileged than anyone else with this wonderful gift of spiritual intelligence, the essence of who we all are. Some have maintained more contact with it than perhaps you have, but to have a powerful connection with your inner self and the insights to direct your life in the path that is right for you, is merely a thought away.  

The answers you have been seeking all of your life, have been inside of you all along. Look within for your own light and use it to follow your own unique path. The world is waiting for what only you can contribute.

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Elizabeth Lykins

/ Transformation Coach