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The Wizard Behind the Curtain posted Apr 30, 2017


Thought makes a great servant, but a terrible master. - Michael Neill

The brain is an amazing computer, constantly "on", while making associations, recognizing patterns, projecting how to avoid repeating past painful patterns, recalling memories, keeping all functions of the body in working order, and creating constant perceptions of the world around us. 

While it is a useful servant for maneuvering in this life, it is a terrible master!

Although every living thing has a brain, the Mind (or as I like to call it, the Wizard Behind the Curtain) is who we really are. By allowing the Wizard to run the show from behind the curtain, we have access to the innate wisdom that every living thing possesses, wisdom is far greater than our personal intellect. As the brain is busy creating our personal reality, getting caught up in thoughts about past wounds or future possibilities, it can distract us from recognizing the power of the present moment. The present moment is where we find insight that can guide us through any situation. 

The present is also all that we ever really have. The past is gone, the future uncertain, yet the present is the place where the magic unfolds.

When you are very still and not engaged or identified with your thoughts, it is in that silence that insight can flow through you. When your thoughts are in over-drive and your feelings overwhelming, stop and take a moment to realize  that 100% of your feelings are from thoughts about what is going on in that moment and not a predictor of future events or a carry over of special powers haunting you from the past.  External events do not have any power over our thinking.  We are the master of our perception of the world. Not being tricked by circumstances or thinking that they somehow have magical powers to create either a good or bad day for us, is how you can keep the Wizard running the show. 

Feelings are always a great barometer of our current thinking and usually have absolutely nothing at all to do with external circumstances.  Circumstances may trigger associations or reactions in the brain, but in reality, it is just your perception of them having any signficance.  They are merely events occurring around you. Most of the time, there is nothing remotely personal about them. Events that we react to have everything to do with the behavior of the other person.  

It is not your circus, not your monkey.  

By realizing this and by not reacting to the constant buzzing of negative external circumstances around you, you can discover contentment, happiness, and live a most fulfilling life.

See your thoughts for what they are.... your servants for use when needed, NOT the master of your destiny.  You are far more than any random thought your brain can generate.

You are the Wizard Behind the Curtain!

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Elizabeth Lykins

/ Transformation Coach