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Do we really know how to let go? posted May 2, 2017


Do we really know how to release spent energy, clear the energetic template and re-program on deeper levels? Most of us process to a point, physically, emotionally, mentally but we don’t really let go fully on energetic and deeper subconscious levels, so the programs play on repeat.

Our subconscious patterns and fears can be revealed through our energetic template that always seeks balance and harmony with our innate purpose and inner spiritual direction. We are constantly re-enforcing our patterns and internal belief structures, through what we think we know and understand, so life becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, where we are caught in a perpetual loop of our own making. Our energy is used in suppressing and maintaining a comfort zone that is not necessarily what is best for us. We end up running on a very low percentage of our energy resource, as the rest is ploughed into emotional suppression to maintain a status quo. Over time these patterns become chronic and we stagnate. The body struggles to replenish on a physical level and begins to reflect our energetic, subconscious state. Any dis-ease is simply the body attempting to right itself and rebalance. However, in our world of conditioning we see that as the problem, not the resolution.

Learning to let go teaches us how to listen again. To come to know the self again and tap into our potential rather than just running on low all the time! We don’t need to wait for it to get to that point. We can bring ourselves up to the moment and start tapping into our potential, so life becomes so much easier and much more fulfilling.

When we listen to our energetic state, we begin to really understand what we are holding onto subconsciously and how to bring ourselves up to date with our internal programming in order to move forward with a renewed sense of confidence and wisdom that can break us out of the loop! Truth is, our energy always tells the truth and will always guide us correctly as it seeks harmony. The body knows the answers we need! We can start listening!

There is an art to letting go fully. Taking the time to nurture and care for the self enough to allow our replenishment. Start simply… give your self and your body a chance today. Sit quietly and re-connect with your light as you let spent energy drain from your being, or go for a walk and soak up the fresh air and sunshine as you drain the past away with each step. Start giving what is suppressed a way out and feel yourself becoming lighter and brighter!

We can learn some energetic techniques to let go more fully. To re-instate our energy flows for a healthier more balanced lifestyle. We can easily incorporate these into our daily living, so they become a way of being and keep us in the present, focused and immersed in our potential, so we can flourish in the moment.

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Jayne Derbyshire

/ Reiki Master Teacher, Psychotherapist & Life Coach