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Step into the present... realise and expand your potential posted May 4, 2017


We don’t tend to go deep enough into our issues and fully resolve them in the moment, so we find ourselves revisiting what we should have processed previously. We can end up in a place of continually resolving the past rather than being more fully in the present.

Body performance, functioning and our enjoyment of life is diminished as our focus is not fully where it needs to be. So we miss precious moments and opportunities to grow and flourish.

How can we tap into our potential if we are always dealing with the past or a back log of emotional data we are carrying around?

How much of your energy is being directed into the past right now? Into what you should’ve done, or could’ve done? And that’s what you are recreating right now, in this moment, by not being present all over again.

We each have 100% of energy available to us. For each of us that 100% will amount to something unique, depending on what we have created and what we have become thus far.

Ask yourself... to what percentage are you being present in yourself right now?

What percentage are you functioning out of right now?

Imagine what you could do with your 100% if you were more present in yourself and your life. Imagine what you could achieve and accomplish. Imagine how you could expand your presence and become your potential, right now, just by being more present.

You can step into your energy, expand your potential and flourish as your unique self right now...

As an Energetic Life Coach I specialise in helping you to harness your energy and become your potential. Through applying simple and effective energetic techniques you can learn to centre your energy and ground into yourself more fully. Releasing yourself from the past. Delivering yourself into the moment. More able to be present, more able to focus and more able to enjoy life.

Learn to expand and flourish in your unique vibration.

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Jayne Derbyshire

/ Reiki Master Teacher, Psychotherapist & Life Coach