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My Personal Transformation posted May 15, 2017


My Personal Transformation

Transformations means to undergo thorough or dramatic change, like a simple grain of sand becoming a lustrous pearl. The unfortunate part to transformation is that we often see it as something we have to do, instead of want to do; that we fear we will fail in our own transformation, and therefore do not even try; or we have tried many times, yet the result still are not what we desired and we somehow feel we have fallen short of our goals or potential. With these results and perspectives who would want to try? It doesn’t sound like that much fun and if I say it enough I might believe that life right where I am, is good enough.

I have been here, attempted the intentional transformation, failed, or not reached my goal or potential. I have attempted to convince myself that life really isn’t so bad and I should just get happy with what I’ve accomplished so far, yet there has always been that tug in my heart that will not let me lie low for too long.

I have spent much of my adult life on a mission to uncover the mysteries of humanity that have kept us from not getting exactly what we want or becoming exactly who we want to be. This has taken me to many places, forms of study, exercises and practices. I have sat at the feet of some amazing people I would call saints, gurus, leaders, fabulous teachers and superb mentors. Instead of saving for retirement, I have invested in understanding the human vs. spiritual existences and I have never regretted any of the time, money or effort I have spent.

I have not lived a traditional life. I abandoned that in my 20s, after it left me longing for something, that at such a young age, I couldn’t identify. I left my home and family of origin to travel across the US on a spiritual journey and I never looked back. I was guided and loved by many, and my quest was ever present. I hung around people I thought I might want to be like and learned from them. I lived in a Buddhist center, I worked on an organic farm, I released the fears of my family and I bucked many conventional ways. I have been a vegetarian and a vegan. I have studied Yoga and sat with Yogis. I have immersed myself in as many different cultures, religions and lifestyles of others that I could. I have learned traditionally at two universities and untraditional in ritual, song, connection and sharing life with others who were also hungry for Truth. It has thus far, been an amazing life.

What I know is if you want LASTING inner peace, as I do, it comes with commitment, effort, forgiveness, humor, persistence and celebration.


The commitment is to continue to be diligent toward managing your thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs so that they are primarily focused on the joys of life and of your Divine Birthright as a human being on Earth.


The effort is in keeping up with this commitment. We have between 65,000 and 80,000 thoughts a day, and that is a lot of thoughts to keep up with. The forgiveness is toward self and others for manifesting things we absolutely do not want in our lives – for making thinking errors by blaming self/others, hurting others or causing harm in any way shape or form to any living being.


The humor is toward self and as a gift to others to take ourselves lightly, laugh at our errors in thinking/being and help others to see that it isn’t the end of the world, we will recover.


The persistence is toward self to keep the focus on our own and each other’s Divinity. To spend more time than not in prayer, contemplation, meditation and practice to retrain our thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs on abundance, splendor, glory, greatness, creativity, kindness, love, forgiveness, acceptance, joy, gratitude, peace and our God Self.


The celebration is for all living beings. It can be tough out there and we do need moments of deep sighs and resting in the moment. Moments to rejoice in the human connect and celebration one another and our accomplishments, or to just reflect on our journey.

It is because of my personal transformational journey that I am so passionate about helping you experience yours to its fullest. What I do is help you make the changes emotionally, mentally and spiritually so that you become free of the lack, limitation and scarcity that keep you from transforming into your glorious and splendid self.

I do this because it is my Divine plan to help you remember your Divinity and True Purpose. It is one of my greatest joys to help you release, transmute and transform your thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviors and memories that have limited your life experiences. I have been training for this my whole life and I am grateful to be able to help you in this unfolding.

For some this transformation comes easier and faster than for others, but it will come. That grain of sand, that was an irritant, will become the pearl of your heart. Stay steady in your commitment and we will see each other rejoicing in our Divinity.

If this article peeks your interests and you want to know more please visit my profile and reach out with any questions. I'm delighted to help.

As always, in joy, Tracy.

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Tracy Becker, LPC

/ Licensed Counselor & Life Coach / LPC