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Focus: Because Your Thoughts Become Things! posted May 15, 2017


How do we manifest our reality? As Mike Dooley so simply puts it,

“Thoughts become things, so choose them wisely.”

I often teach that everything is manifested twice: first in thought and then in form. Nevertheless, manifesting is a very exciting topic because once we get it – the power of our thoughts – we realize our amazing potential and the responsibility we have to ourselves and the world we create.

After my father died I must have been moping around for far too long, because a dear friend said to me, “Geez, Tracy, when are you going to accept responsibility here? You know, responsibility is only the ability to respond.” Wow, I thought to myself as I fought back the desire to give him a kick in the butt and fight for my right to be miserable for awhile longer. Yet I set my “poor me” attitude aside for a moment and pondered this new – or new to me – approach to responsibility. Prior to that I had viewed responsibility as a burden, something I HAD to do, certainly not something I could choose to do because by doing so I could manifest my own beautiful reality. According to the laws of attraction, I was already manifesting, so I might as well do it with intention and purpose. Little did I know how freeing this could be.  No more waiting on someone, the world, or events to change. I could change me, my experiences and my reality.

“Don’t doze off in the middle of your life; keep focused on what is truly important.” – Dr. Bernie Siegel

Just this morning in less than an hour I manifested a window washer for my office windows. It is a bright sunny day – one of the first of spring – and I noticed as I walked into my office how dirty the front entrance door and windows were with sticky finger prints and pollen.” Hmmm”, I said to myself, “this has got to be cleaned and preferably not by me.” I pondered this a little longer, made one phone call to see if a business neighbor knew anyone, and then went to my office to work on this newsletter. Not 15 minutes later my doorbell rang and there was Chuck, asking if he could clean my windows. I said, “Who sent you?” He said no one, and then told me that he comes by regularly to wash windows in the downtown area.  Now, I’ve been in that office 18 months and had never seen nor met Chuck. At this point I’m pretty happy, yet another thought runs through my mind…”How much do you charge?” – knowing that I had used up most of the cash I had yesterday and pretty sure he didn’t want a check. He gives me a price, and what do you know? I had exactly that amount in my wallet. Now I know this is a seemingly small thing, yet for me, today, I am overjoyed to have a crystal clear window and door at my office.

You and I have all manifested all types of things – from the seemingly trivial to the not much fun and heart wrenching – as well as great and life changing events. But I ask you how much have you consciously manifested with purpose and intent?

Well here are some tips:

 1. Allow your imagination to soar.

Really. Do not be afraid of your imagination, in fact, go crazy with it, no limits.

2. Be persistent and have focus.

Take time daily to imagine your life as if all the things you desire were already present. If you are unclear about what exactly you desire think of the feeling/s you desire. This might be excitement to get up in the morning to do your job; maybe you desire to feel love, trust and safety in your relationships; maybe it is a sense of freedom you desire. Whatever it is, see it, feel it, and don’t give up.

3. Do it with joy & excitement in your mind & heart.

When engaging in your manifestation exercise, the feelings that you have and how you speak about what you desire are all a part of the equation.  Make sure it is a positive experience.

4. Be willing to let go of the old.

Sometimes our old patterns, belief systems and even friends and family keep us stuck, as well as any number of other things. So take a peek into your life, your thoughts, and your actions to see which ones you would benefit from letting go of.

5. Honor Divine Right Timing (DRT).

This includes having persistence, faith, trust, and steadfastness. There are things that we just aren’t aware of that need to line up perfectly for our dreams to become reality. We just don’t know how many people or events need to shift for all the proverbial little ducks to get in a row and create our dream. Therefore it is important to keep at it, trust and surrender to the divinity of it all.

If this article peeks your interests and you want to know more, please visit my profile and reach out with any questions. I'm delighted to help.

When manifesting enjoy the ride, embrace the unexpected and keep the focus. In joy, Tracy

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Tracy Becker, LPC

/ Licensed Counselor & Life Coach / LPC