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Change Your Thoughts & Change your Relationship: Things every Couple should know! posted Mar 7, 2017


If you are in a loving relationship that is not thriving, I have the cure. As you read this short article, allow yourself to consider how changing negative thoughts and attitudes, not your partner, can make a significant difference in your relationship. Let's begin.

The first thing you need to remind yourselves is... 

Love never fails!

Life's relationships can take a turn for the worse through circumstances and choices made. I know that love is a power that never fails to improve, heal, and reconcile. There is hope for your relationship! You don't have to jump through hoops by changing who you are or by (trying to) changing the other person.

Those negative, hopeless thoughts that permeate and direct your feelings can be changed permanently. You can learn a simple but powerful new way of thinking. This powerful process doesn't change who you are but allows you to express the true message that you want to convey by matching your actions and words to the message you truly want to say--what's really in your heart and what you actually want for your relationship.

This process starts by identifying and attending to the false or unhealthy thoughts that over-throw your feelings (the ones that keep you stressed out, making it difficult for you to experience the joy you really prefer. Your task here is to shine a light on each negative, hurtful thought to see if they are true and match the experience that you want for your relationship.

You want to renew your mind with thoughts that are true and productive and that will lead to your desired relationship.
To renew your mind, you must "put on your armor" so that the old thoughts don't return with the power to undermine the work you're doing to create the relationship that you are building. You do this by actively monitoring thoughts. In other words, pay attention to your thoughts and replace the unhealthy ones with ones that are wholesome, productive, and life-giving.

Your new beginning...
begins with the end of an old way of thinking transformed by a new one. In your new thought process, you begin by speaking words of affirmation, love,  acceptance, and loyalty, matching the words with affirming actions.

Your power to follow through with your new thinking and behaving is in your choice to genuinely, care and love your partner by transforming your thoughts so that they match your heart then allowing what is in your heart to translate into action that expresses the love that's in your heart. Finally, and most importantly is that what you say will naturally match your thoughts and feelings.

This process sounds simple, but it is not an easy undertaking. So, when you are ready to transform your thoughts, heart, and behavior contact me. It will be my honor to coach you through it.

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Mitchell Freistat

/ Professional Marriage and Relationship Coach