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How To Write Quality Answers That Get You New Clients posted Mar 9, 2017


Want to write the kind of answers that actually get you clients? Here are the keys to a great, client-getting answer to many types of questions:

1) First, validate and appreciate!

Start off your answer with some kind of compliment and validating statement like

“That’s a great question!” 

“Thank you for asking this important question!” 

“I hear what you’re going through.” 

“I’m sorry you’re experiencing this now.” 

“I’m sorry to hear this.” 

“It’s great that you’ve recognized this!”

or some combination of a couple of these or something related.

This way, you reassure your potential clients that they made a good decision when they asked their question here and came here for the answer. You show you’re listening and encouraging free expression and opening up, making your potential clients feel safe and accepted. Your potential clients will be more likely to feel good about, and be more receptive to, you and whatever you write after this if you start off this way.

2) Mention that this situation is resolvable

You can write something like,

“Fortunately, there is a way to resolve this.”

“There is a solution to this.”

“With some key tips, this can be much easier.”

The idea here is to build your potential clients’ confidence that there is actually an answer to their question or a solution to their problem.

3) Provide a good, content-rich, valuable answer

This is where you provide a couple of paragraphs or a few bullet points with content-rich, valuable information that answers the question well. This way, your potential clients can really feel like they have a satisfying answer to their question and like you can provide this. You want your client to feel like you have what they’re seeking—like you’re familiar with their situation and know how to get them from where they are to where they want to be.

4) Suggest how you’ve helped other people in situations related to this or how you are qualified to help people in this situation

For example:

“Over the many years I’ve been guiding others, I’ve helped innumerable people accomplish...”

“In my years as a coach, I’ve guided several people in…”

“I’m trained and certified in...with which can help you do…”

5) Provide a call-to-action

Once you’ve given your potential clients a good glimpse into the kind of valuable guidance you could provide them if they work with you, let them know how they can follow up with you, learn more, and get help putting your answer here into action.

How could you help them further than you already have here if they schedule an appointment with you and actually speak with you?

After you explain this in a sentence or two, let them know something like:

“Contact me now and let’s get started!”

“Schedule an appointment with me and we’ll get started right away!”

“Request an appointment and we’ll begin putting this into action!”

“Contact me and I’ll guide you in implementing these tips/tools in your specific situation!”

“Schedule a free session with me to learn how you can apply this information in your life and get the results you want here!”

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