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How To Make Voice And Video Calls Directly Through posted Mar 9, 2017


When a client messages you on

1) Send the person a link either to a free session or a paid session with you. (You can get either of these links by clicking on the menu at the top right corner of, clicking on “Edit profile”, and scrolling down to “Invite clients to a session”.) Include instructions to your client to “Click on the link to input your credit number and expiration date and join the call with me.”

2) Your client will click on the link, input his/her credit card number and expiration date, and then join the call with you. Calls can last up to 90 minutes. (If you want a longer session, you can simply start another call.)

3) As soon as the call ends, you get paid your per-minute rate multiplied by the number of minutes the call lasted.

It’s that easy!

The Benefits Of Holding Sessions Through Voice And Video Calls On

When you speak with your clients directly through the PayCall platform built into, you benefit from:

1) High quality video calls in HD!

Here, you have better quality calls than on Skype; your calls through are in HD!

2) No more invoicing, and immediate payment no matter where your client is located!

- You don’t have to calculate how much clients owe you.

- You don’t have to send invoices.

- You don’t have to worry about whether your client will pay you or not.

Your client types in credit card info just prior to the call and you get paid as soon as the call ends!

In addition, you get paid by international clients just as easily and immediately as by clients within your country, so you don’t have to figure out how international clients can pay you!

3) Help keep helping you get clients!

Whenever you hold your sessions through, credit card processing fees plus site maintenance and advertising to get new clients are covered within just 10% of what you earn. So you receive 90% of everything you earn and also get to support in continuing to bring you new clients!

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