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5 Tips for Practicing Self-Care and Putting Your Oxygen Mask on First posted Jun 16, 2017

Are you making Self-Care a priority in your life?


How often are you putting someone else’s oxygen mask on first before putting on your own?

Many people are nurturers by nature. They tend to take care of everyone else first before taking care of themselves.

But what happens when we take care of everyone before ourselves? We find ourselves depleted, run down, overwhelmed, and burnt out.

When this happens, who is there to take care of us?

That is why practicing self-care is so important. When we put our own oxygen mask on first, then we can take care of others much more effectively.

This past weekend, I spent 3 days at a Leadership Retreat with 10 girls from my team in Orlando, Florida. We spent half the time pampering ourselves with foot soaks, facials, massages, nail time, hanging out by the pool and relaxing. The other half of the time, we spent team-building, sharing our challenges and successes, and learning from each other to grow our businesses. It was a weekend well spent!

My biggest take-away from this weekend was that we need to spend more time practicing Self-Care.

If you are saying to yourself right now, “I don’t have time for self-care”, believe me, I have been there.

Here is what I say to that….”Schedule it first.”

Practice your self-care first thing each day. In whatever form that means for you. Whether it be waking up and working out. Or meditating. Or writing in your journal. Or having a cup of coffee outside to reflect on your day ahead. It can entail whatever it means for you to have your best day possible.

Here are 5 tips for Practicing Self-Care and Putting Your Oxygen Mask on First:

  1. Schedule your Self-Care for first thing in the morning.
  2. If you don’t end up doing your Self-Care routine one day, don’t beat yourself up and don’t quit, just try again tomorrow.
  3. Find the Self-Care practices that work best for you…don’t take on what other people what you to do for self-care.
  4. Your Self-Care practices may change over time.
  5. Self-Care is so important for our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. When we don’t practice Self-Care is when we get sick. Practice Self-Care daily as a preventative measure for your health and wellbeing.

Contact me for a self-care assessment. I'd love to help you schedule more self-care into your life!

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Anik Clemens

/ Certified Life and Business Coach