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Work at Home: As Expert or Authority in Your Niche

posted Jun 28, 2017


You want to be the top expert or authority in your field.  The best way to do that is by writing articles, books, E-books.

Many websites offer how-to advice on just about everything. After registering as a guru on a specific topic, you answer questions from the public.

What you bring to the table: Documented professional expertise (or you can take a test to prove your knowledge).  It doesn’t matter what the topic is, you want to be known as the go-to person in your field.

Expect to earn: You won’t work full-time answering questions, but you can get more inquiries over time. At some sites, more experience, and positive feedback earn you more money per question, within a range of $2.50 to $25. Other sites, take a commission on the rate you set.

Expert on Internet Marketing

No matter what business you’re in, you either need to know how to market on the Internet yourself or hire someone who can do the marketing for you.  Marketing on the Internet means including SEO, Online Marketing, Web Analysis, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.  Every small businessman or corporation needs a presence on the Internet because we have become a global environment.  Corporations can hire experts on their team to market their business through their websites online.  As a small businessman, you may want to handle this yourself or farm it out to an expert to spend more of your time more effectively do what you’re an expert at.

Marketing Yourself As An Expert

How to establish yourself as an expert?

It doesn’t matter what you’re an expert at, there are ways to get yourself known as an expert in your field.  Public speaking is one of them.  As a speaker, you have certain platform skills that are an essential part of your business.  Especially, you need to be an expert at selling yourself and your product from the platform. As a speaker, you can multi-purpose one product.  You can write an article on the topic, you can take that article and turn it into a book, an e-book, a training program (low end, then upsell to a higher end product).

You sell yourself from the podium, teleseminar, or webinar.  The best way to do this is to offer a free teleseminar or webinar to give an overview of your paid presentation and then offer a discount to a specific number of people who sign up first.  This creates an urgency for them to sign up first.  For your business, it’s important to have a website because you can post your products and service online where your customers can purchase or sign up for your programs 24/7.

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